Jul 312013

A Blog on the ‘Magical Wonders of Archaeological Photography!!!

Once upon a time… about half an hour ago actually, we (Paul, Stef and Ceris) witnessed the magical wonders of archaeological photography. Before our enlightening experience we knew less about cameras than a fish knows about a tropical tree. As we believe our pictures show we are now experts in the field of handling very expensive fancy cameras. We learnt there is more to life than pointing and clicking! There are ways of making your pictures actually look good! By (if you did not know before) simply altering your aperture and shutter speed! AMAZING!


So why do we use photography in Archaeology you ask? We use photographs to record details that may not be visible or clear whilst drawing a section (especially if you can’t draw!). Photographing gives you the ability to show the section in scale and in further detail. We can actually focus on things that may be sticking out of said section and draw more attention to it. We also photograph finds to again show scale, detail and as well as having an extra record of it.


The pictures below of the main site show a variance in colour and focus. This difference can be achieved by changing the aperture and shutter speed on camera. In simple terms this changes the length of time the shutter is open for and how large it is to enable the camera to capture more light and to highlight all the smaller details in the picture.

High aperture

Low aperture

Balanced aperture and shutter speed

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