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Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Starred Review. At the start of Indridason's Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Hypothermia: An Inspector Erlendur Novel by [Indridason, Arnaldur]. Arnaldur Indridason free download pdf. Hypothermia: An Series) By Arnaldur Indridason epub download. Hypothermia: An. Get Instant Access to Il Commesso Viaggiatore (Italian Edition) By Arnaldur Indridason #eed EBOOK EPUB. KINDLE PDF. Read Download.

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Inspector Erlendur, who heads the investigation team, discovers that many years ago the victim was accused, though not convicted, of an unsolved crime. As the team of detectives reopen this very cold case, Inspector Erlendur uncovers secrets that are much larger than the murder of one old man—secrets that have been carefully guarded by many people for many years.

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As he follows a fascinating trail of unusual forensic evidence, Erlendur also confronts stubborn personal conflicts that reveal his own depth and complexity of character. Like all great crime fiction, Jar City is about much more than murder, and avid suspense fans are about to discover a first-rate writer who has already received rave reviews around the world.

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