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Frequently Asked Questions • Why did eBay retire Picture Manager? • What options do I have for my pictures? • What will happen to my Picture Manager pictures. The first picture you add, called the gallery photo, appears next to your item's title in search results and is It's sometimes also called the eBay picture manager. It is not available for use with eBay Picture Manager. The Enhanced Uploader requires an ActiveX software download from eBay and is only available when.

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Selling Manager is a free tool developed to help medium-volume sellers run their to be able to view your reports after 16 months, you should download them. Even then you'd only need to download/gather URLs if you plan to revise your item listings Insertion via use of the Picture Manager graphic icon on the eBay . More Photo Flexibility with eBay Picture Manager With Picture Manager, To use eBay Enhanced Picture Services, you must allow the download of a small.

Selling Manager is a free tool developed to help medium-volume sellers run their eBay businesses. Selling Manager Pro is a paid monthly subscription service that includes additional features, and is more suitable for high-volume sellers. If you use Seller Hub - opens in new window or tab to manage your eBay business, the features of Selling Manager are already included. However, if you're currently using the Selling section of My eBay to run your business, those features will be replaced by Selling Manager - opens in new window or tab once you sign up for the tool. Sales reports are available to view online for 16 months. If you'd like to be able to view your reports after 16 months, you should download them.

If you don't revise your listing with a new URL, your listing could be canceled.

Remember, you can't use a catalogue or stock photo if you're listing an item as used. Tip In some categories, image quality isn't as critical to a sale as others.

Adding pictures to your listings

Also check each file size is no larger than 7MB each. If you're copying from a web address, the photo can be 12MB.

To increase your chances of making a sale, you'll usually want as many potential buyers as possible. However, we understand that there may be certain types of buyer you don't want to do business with.

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To manage who can buy from you, you can use our buyer requirements feature. Skip to main content. How to add pictures to listings eBay photo tips Problems when adding photos.

Adding pictures | eBay

Categories in our catalog. Top Takeaway When you list an item for sale on eBay, you have to include at least one picture.

Was this article helpful for you? See other articles in: Watermarks allowed: No text: Text on pictures is no longer allowed.

Formatting and Sizing Images for eBay: a Seller's Guide

File formats: Showcasing your product Think of your online listing like a virtual store. Color matters: Stability matters: No patterns, please: Contextual clues: No doubts about size with that.

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