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You can read your Kobo eBooks on your eReader using Adobe Digital Editions 1: Set up a Kobo account via this link. Step 2: Set up Adobe®. Kobo is excited to offer the best possible reading experience to Sony Can I keep using my Reader from Sony to read eBooks, or will I need to get a Kobo eReader? the Sony's Reader apps to read, or do I need to download the Kobo app?. A list of the best places to get ebooks for Sony Readers and Sony eBook Software. With a valid library card you can download ebooks and more, which will.

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Method 1: Convert Kindle books to Sony eReader 1) To find the downloaded ebooks from Kindle for pc (window 7), navigate to "Tools" in the. Installing Reader Library on to your PC or Mac is easy. Step 3: Transferring your eBooks to your Reader™ 2 Click on the eBook that you wish to transfer. We have collected several commonly used free ebooks download sites for all ebooks lovers, via these channels, Sony Reader Store (

V ancouver Public Library. These instructions are for Sony eReaders with or without WiFi. While it used to be possible to download library books directly to a WiFi-equipped Sony eReader, that functionality is no longer supported by our eBook vendor. If you have a Sony eReader with Wifi, you will have to use a computer to download your eBooks and then transfer them to you eReader as explained in the instructions below. To determine at a glance which titles are available, look at the open book icon in the top right corner of the eBook cover:. When browsing by genre or format, it is possible to hide all items that are currently checked out - look for the blue box on the left side of the screen that says Show me only titles with copies available.

To best find a book that you can check out right away: Click on "eSearches". Under format choose "ePub". Click the "Only show copies with titles available" checkbox and search.

Welcome, Sony Readers!

Add the book to your cart and checkout. Enter the name of your library, and your library card number. Download your library book. Press the Home button, and your book will be in the "Recently Added" section.

Tap it to start reading. Find out more: About the Service Compatible Devices eBooks: When a title expires, you can simply delete the expired book from your device.

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For information on returning a title before the expiry date, please visit How to return titles before the end of your lending period. Search this Guide Search. Select your computer's operating system from the drop-down menu.

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You will be taken to a page with the download files for your computer. If you do not have one, click HERE on the popup to create one.

Other Things You Can Do Dark Grey icon means that the title is available to be borrowed Pale Grey icon means that all copies of the title are currently checked out When browsing by genre or format, it is possible to hide all items that are currently checked out - look for the blue box on the left side of the screen that says Show me only titles with copies available.

Place Holds on eBooks that are Checked Out If all copies of a title are in use, you can place a hold: Alternatively, when placing the hold you can select an option to have the book checked out to you automatically as soon as it becomes available.

Tap on Account in the top right of the screen Select Holds from the menu on the right You will be able to see your position in the queue You can also cancel the hold from this menu or change the email address for notification Place an Advanced Hold Renew Titles Not finished with your eBook or downloadbale audiobook?

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How to Place an Advanced Hold 1. This option does not appear until three days before the title is supposed to expire If there are no existing holds on a title , the Renew icon will be green see example below. Return Titles Before the Expiry Date eBooks and downloadable audiobooks are returned automatically after their lending period has expired. Two exceptions: Last Updated: Mar 1, 9: Report a problem.

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