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The riveting conclusion to the international bestselling sci-fi thriller STARTERS! Would you rent out your body to the elderly so they could. Enders by Lissa Price - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Someone is after Starters like Callie and. Buy the eBook Enders by Lissa Price online from Australia's leading online eBook store. Download eBooks from Booktopia today.

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Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Gr 7 Up—Callie successfully brought down Book 2) - Kindle edition by Lissa Price. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Recipients can read on any device. Additional gift options are available when buying one eBook at a time . In the future, teens rent their bodies to seniors who want to be young again. One girl discovers her renter plans to do more than party--her body will commit, ISBN . With the Prime Destinations body bank destroyed, Callie no longer has to rent herself out to creepy Enders. But Enders can still get inside her.

The thrilling end to the questions raised in Starters is here. Someone is after Starters like Callie and Michael—teens with chips in their brains. They want to experiment on anyone left over from Prime Destinations—Starters who can be controlled and manipulated. With the body bank destroyed, Callie no longer has to rent herself out to creepy Enders. Having the chip removed could save her life—but it could also silence the voice in her head that might belong to her father. Who is real and who is masquerading in a teen body?

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I can not stand the wait! Now you are one of my favorite authors and I admire you. I hope someday to come to Mexico and to meet and sign my book! Thanks for writing this wonderful book. Thank you! You are actually lucky because you will not have to wait as long as some patient readers have thank you, all.

Leave me a message there please. It is likely that the Spanish translation which is handled by my publisher in Spain will release it at the same time. Hi, Lissa! So much I even read it twice. I am in the process of getting this info from my foreign agent. I will post what I know on the site, thank you for that suggestion. Take care. Yes, Starters was sold as a two-book series, so Enders will be in Mexico too.

I believe they took the version that was published in Spain and sent that to Mexico look at your Starters and see if the publisher is Destino. Be sure also to sign up for my newsletter top right!

Hello Lissa Price! You are a great writer, Lissa. Btw, my favorite character other than Callie is Sara. Just saying. Hi Lissa, you got a fan from Brazil! Thanks again for sharing with us such an amazing story!

Thank you for writing! Brazil is so good to me. If you tweet, follow me there. I am curious how your granny found the book, what attracted her to it, etc. But I see other replies from different people yet they have been sent a few days later than mine. I saw this one come in. I wonder if my spam filter picked up your previous ones because I never saw them. Please ask your favorite bookseller, they should be able to give you a date.

Thanks for writing! Thanks for writing me! I really appreciate great reviews from fans like you and it helps people find the book. It is hard to discuss the book without spoilers. In answer to your question, at this early stage, with Enders only out one week in the US, I am getting a LOT of questions about a third book. So I think the odds are very good that I might be visiting my friends Callie and Michael and Tyler and the rest again quite soon.

At this very moment, I am in the early stages of an exciting new book, too early to talk about, nothing set in stone. You know how sometimes you get lucky, well buying starters was one of those lucky moments. I was just browsing in our bookstore and the beautiful cover caught my eye. I read the back and decided to buy the book.

I am very lucky to have done so! I loved every letter of it. Start to finish it took me a day to read the whole book. Needless to say I ordered Enders as soon as I finished Starters.

I love finding gems like these. The whole concept of the book speaks to me. The characters are brilliantly revealed and the build up to the final is really well done and keeps the readers wanting more. I love to read and I am very happy that I found your book s. I am really looking forward to reading more of your work, regardless of it beeing a third in the series or a new story.

Keep up the wonderfull writing and forgive me for any grammar errors as English is not my native tongue. Dutch is. Thank you so much for this wonderful comment.

The Dutch covers in the series are some of my favorites. I have never written any reviews before, but I will write you a review on amazon and bol. I recommended it to my other friend and she loved it too: Starters was immediatly my favourite book after I read it: I hope you write many more books in the future, I will definately read them!

Lissa ebook enders download price

This is just an amazing book thanks Lissa! I just finished it a few minutes ago and I ran to write this. The book have potential to become a renamed saga just like The Hunger Games or Divergent. I wish Enders will be a Hit like this one, Im your new fan! Thank you so much! Did you read it in English?

Please give it a review on Amazon and Goodreads. It could be a vision of our future. I really hope that the book will translate into spanish. You have a lot of Fans in Spain and south american.

Nice to read you. Thanks so much. I really appreciate your support! My question is, will there be a sequel of enders? I would love to read another sequel. I discovered Starters while searching for a book I could take on a long flight home and was instantly hooked! I immediately spread the news about the book to my friends before I had even finished it. I was so happy to find out there was a sequel and it was even better news to find out it had just been released -no waiting for me!

Now I sit here writing you because after locking myself away today I finished Enders in 4 hours.

I loved everything about this series and will continue to recommend it to my fellow book worms out there. I would LOVE to read more on these characters you developed so well! I made a point of not talking down to the reader, to write the YA book that I would enjoy reading myself. I love that — 4 hours — that might be a record! It helps me to hear from fans that they want a third book, so thank you for letting me know. Dear Lissa, I just bought Enders today and finished it in the same day!

It was invigorating! I love Starters and Enders. I love the twist towards the end of the book about The Old Man. You are an amazing writer.: I heard that you are going to make Starters a movie. Will you combine both books into one movie or separate? Also is Enders really the final book? I want to see how life is with Callie after the end of the book. It was so good! If it is the last book I will still reread all the time because that is just how good it is.

Thank you so much for writing these books! Thank you so much for taking the time to write me. At this point, we do not have a commitment with a film company. The plan was always for book 1 to be the first film, but this will depend on the people who make it.

I am interested in hearing from readers who want a third book in the series. I think about Callie too, and I have ideas for what could be next. Hello dear!

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And I would love you to come to Brazil, would be a dream come true for me, to finally have the book autographed by you… not only me, but also the legion of fans you won, they would be very happy!! You guys have to let them know. Thank you for writing me and letting me know. And for telling Novo Conceito that the fans want me to come. I look forward to your review.

The plot structure , has previously seen as high quality by you, remains perfect and even more addictive.

Enders by Lissa Price

The emergence of new characters is also critical, especially to happen just right without any appear out of context, which is also natural in some sequels.

It is worth remembering that the characters themselves are responsible for giving reason to be surprised at the revelations and all that is yet to come in the book. Although it would be wonderful to have another book.

Xoxo, Felipe, from Brazil! This is just a wonderful note. I just love hearing from Brazilian readers, it brightens my day. We might have some good news for you all. Hi Lissa, I just wanted to say that I loved starters and read it in one day. I was also very impressed to see that you replied to every person who commented and I have to say I think that is very nice of you! I am looking forward to reading enders and wish you the best of luck with your next book. I truly appreciate my readers and love reading comments like yours!

I love your books a lot! Enders was all that I wanted and more but I have a queation will you be writing a thitd book? Thank you for telling me that. It is very likely that I will write a third, but no announcement yet. I absolutely loved Starters and Enders, they are by far my favorite books!!!! Enders answered a lot of questions that I had while reading Starters.

However, I really wanted to know more when I was reading the end of Enders because I am anxious to know about what happens to Callie in the future and who does she end up with!

So, I was wondering if you were going to write a third book. Your work is brillant!! Loved all the twists! Good luck!

Thank you for writing. Yes, with so many readers asking for a third book, it is very possible. Nothing official yet. I really appreciate hearing this. It is a big thrill for me to hear that I helped someone like you learn to really enjoy reading. There is such a world of good books out there!

Thanks for asking for a third book. The more I hear this, the more likely it is that it will happen. Omg… saya sudah lama ingin berbincang dengan anda… karya anda luar biasa… saya sangat bersemangat ketika perilisan buku kedua starters…. Saya tidak terlalu lancar dalam english. Saya membaca buku pertama anda starters merupakan novel kedua yang saya baca setelah trilogy hunger games.. Lissa Apakah starters merupakan trilogy… omgg kuharap begitu… sukses selalu lissa… saya selalu menyukai karaya-karyamu… and,, aku adalah salah satu penggemar terbesarmu di kotaku..

I just finished reading Starters and I loved it. Even though I was kinda forced to read it. Unfortunately, I had to but I finished it in 2 days and it was awesome. I cant wait to read Enders. Congrats on your medal for the book. Loved it. Thank you for one of the funniest comments ever! I am really happy that Starters won you over. Please come back and tell me how you like Enders. And please review on the sites you like — Amazon, Goodreads, whatever. Hi lissa starters and enders are my favorite books ever i am just about to finsh enders and I am basicly crying and it would really love to know it there would be a 3rd book I would love to see another one in my collection you really one of my favorite writers ever I take insprition from you and I was also wondering if there would be a movie?

Thank you sooo much for writing these books there the best. I am considering a third book. We also want the movie and are just looking for the right partners. Starters has a lot of fans in the industry. Hey Lissa! I hope Callie gets to be with Hyden. I really hope you publish a third book, I would definitely be the first in line to purchase it. I would be very proud for the book to be made into the movie as I have been a long time fan and it would be so interesting to see the book come to life!!

Thank you for getting me interested into the world of books, I look forward to your future work. I really appreciate your thoughts. Hearing from so many fans about a third book, it is something I am considering. These characters have so much more in them. Hearing from a UK fan is very special to me. It is possible I will be in London this year.

If so, I will let everyone know. I loved Enders as much as I loved Starters. But I got lucky! Hahaha Congrats for your allmighty writing, attractive plot and powerfull characters. So I posted on twitter that a fan said they were hard to buy in Brazil and many, including my wonderful publisher, said they are in all the big book stores. Also online.

Thank you so much for the great praise. I hope you get online on the Brazilian book seller like the one above sites and leave a comment. Hi Lissa, fan from the UK here. I just got hold of the book Enders and I loved it SO much. I really wish Starters and Enders was made into a movie so many more fans all over the world can experience this awesome book. Would you ever think about releasing a third, or maybe even a fourth book one day? Or a movie soon? Love your books so much, please come to the UK soon.

I love hearing from the UK, thank you for writing. I am definitely exploring the idea of a third but you will go on record as being the first to ask for a fourth! My agent is looking for the right partners for the film because we all know the quality of a film depends on the right people. I would love to tour the UK. If enough fans let Random House UK know, that could happen. Lissa i loved the book starters i thought it was amazing!!!

Although i still cannot start reading the book enders because my library does not have it i hope to read it some time soon!!! This book was amazing so i am sure that anybody my age will sure enjoy it!!

I love reviews from readers like you so please consider going to Amazon or Goodreads. Most libraries have an easy form, just ask the librarian. Sometimes they will purchase another copy or sometimes they order it from a different library for you. My brother was the one that read it first. I want to thank you for writing this book. You took me on a journey that made me escape from reality.

And from now on, I can assure you, I will read every single book you write. Thank you again. I left an email a few days ago via web on the site… Just wanted to let you know I saw your message….

Thanks for the reply! I really appreciated!!!! I finished both books within two days after I bought the books, and after finishing I just kept on babbling about the book and how fun it was.

Every single scene in the book felt so real, and I love the twists so much. I really really hope there would be a third book real soon. And oh, I also hope there would be a movie release for this. What a wonderful comment, thank you so much.

Thanks for writing. Lissa, I really admire, I like Starters is just a good book! I recommended your book yo MY school friends, they also like it. Lissa i love the books both Starters and Enders. I have just finished reading Enders and I loved the whole story I am sad to know that it is the last book.

I read the end of the book with my hand in front of my mouth. I am seriously a big fan now. I really want to know what happens with Hyden and Callie. I loved every second reading it.

I could not get my self to put the book down. Thank you Lissa for giving us the opportunity to read your amazing book. Strong fully hope the story continues.! I hope there will be a movie of this books, because it would seriously be the greatest movie. Hola y gracias por escribir. Los libros fueron siempre destinados a ser un duology, dos libros. Hi, ms. What i liked about this book , is that it has so many emotions , that it can make me sad and happy in the same time.

Also it has so many unexpected plots and unexpected problems that Calli always face , which always made me wanna read more.. All wishes , — Marroojy. Thank you, Marroojy, for writing to tell me all this. I really enjoy hearing from readers in different countries. Maybe someday! Dear Lissa, as everyone I loved your book. Your story is original and amazing.

Do you know something about the status? I just finished reading Enders! Can you pretty please write a third one???

Please, please, please!!! Hi Lissa!!! Do you know something about the Spanish version of Enders??? I want you to know that I felt very connected to the story and I felt inside. I really want to know what will happen after that incredible finish! Hope Enders very emotion and Mexico may come soon! Greetings from Mexico. Thank you for your kind words. We have no info right now on a Spanish language translation of Enders. You might want to read it in English now rather than wait. Hey Lissa: So nothing is official, but it is very possible there will be a third book.

Or a spin-off. So many readers have asked for one, and the characters will not get me go. We will see.

Download enders ebook lissa price

Hola, lo siento pero mi ingles no es muy bueno pero aun asi me gustaria decirte que AME starters, la manera tan fluida en que esta escrito me atrapo por completo, espero con ansias poder leer enders. Sabes cuando se publicara en latinoamerica? Muchas gracias. The answer is in the book. Thanks for making this wonderful duoligy and I hope to see a third book soon. I want to know how they end up,future wise. Just finished Enders! Please tell me there will be a third book in the near future.

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Also, has Starters movie rights been sold? Or would this be too complicated to be translated to the big screen? Anyway, I hope to read any future books you plan on writing. I have no official announcement, but the characters will not let me go. So it is very possible there will be a third book. The movie rights, at this moment, are available.

We have had a lot of interest, but were looking for the right team. Would they even consider the possibility of open auditions? Much, much too early. But open auditions do happen sometimes. These two books will not leave My mind! Has Lionsgate made an offer to make the movie? I just finished Enders and the book is amazing!! You are an incredible writer, and I hope to see a third book soon.

He died? These characters will not let me go, so I am seriously considering a third book. It is not official, so watch this site for news or Twitter or Tumblr.

At this time, we do not have a movie deal in place. We are confident it will happen though and with the right people. I did not wrap up Ernie, as you noticed. So I ordered Enders a few days ago, the UK version so it would match my copy of Starters and received it in the mail this morning.

I was too excited, so I started reading it immediately. And if there will ever be another sequel, I will read it as soon as possible! I love hearing from my Dutch fans, I cheer for you guys in the world cup games. Kevin returned to live with Laura? With whom will the share of property that Helen had left Emma? What will happen to the children of the Institution 37? Have you thought about a movie? I look forward to your answers.

Thank you Camila!! Hi Camila and thank you for caring about these answers. I do have a third book in mind, but let me say that as an author who writes in the thriller genre, the importance of pacing cannot be stressed enough. This is what keeps readers like you turning the pages. And of course it is balanced with characterization.