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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Adam Khoo is an entrepreneur, a best- selling author and a Highlight, take notes, and search in the book; Length: pages; Due to its large file size, this book may take longer to download Read with the free Kindle apps (available on iOS, Android, PC & Mac), Kindle E- readers and. This books (I am Gifted, So are You! [PDF]) Made by Adam Khoo About Books This View in full-screen with the SlideShare app. Download at Google Play. Free Collection, PDF Download I Am Gifted, So Are You! Total Online, epub free I Am Gifted, So Are You!, ebook free I Am Gifted, So Are You!.

Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Every student can achieve and excel if given the opportunity! This book will inspire legions of students to stretch and realise their potential.

What could be another reason for it happening? For each of your negative beliefs. If you think hard enough. STEP 2: List down also. Would this be a blow to your parents? I want you to feel that it is absolutely necessary for you to rid yourself of these beliefs now. New Empowering Beliefs References 1 I am a motivated person When I was preparing for the inter-school basketball game. STEP 4: What kind of beliefs or labels would you like to have in order to get the results you want?

I practised four hours every day after school. Unlike other students. He wanted to believe he could run the mile in less than four minutes but he had no references to back up that belief as he himself never came close to doing it.

If you are getting bad grades. For things to change. Since you created the situations. So what Bannister did was that he created references in his mind. There is no failure. If we can have the same beliefs they have. He imagined himself accomplishing that feat. By putting the responsibility on yourself. These students treat mistakes or failures as an outcome which they can learn from and constantly change their study techniques or strategies until they succeed. In the end.

So why do some of us perform exceptionally well while the rest turn in a mediocre performance? In order to break free from the rut that you are in and scale to greater heights. Top students enjoy their studies as much as their play. Every one of us basically has the same brain capacity or neurological make- up. I will teach you to use your brain in ways that you never have done before. But now. As we go on. Flexibility puts you in control. They know that before you can ever be good at anything.

If others can. They are able to change their behaviour and strategies to reach their goals. In this book. Absurd notion? This is because society has programmed you to follow certain rules that are not at all useful to learning or behaving. Studying is playing.

They began to regard him as a mature and responsible young man and. Chris had to be home by 7 pm on weekdays. When Chris approached me for advice after I had directed a few Super-Teen camps. Chris was surprised but he listened carefully when I explained that if he wanted things to change.

Chris would return home past his curfew hour each time. He also began cleaning his own room without been reminded to. So a changed Chris began returning home before his curfew expired. He felt they did not trust him and the restrictions they imposed on him were ridiculous. Most of his friends stayed out way past midnight on weekends. His mother was further pleasantly surprised when he began helping out in the kitchen.

His entreaties to his father to stop treating him like a child fell on deaf ears. More intelligent students learn faster and produce better results. They say they have a slower brain. I basically trained my brain to be gifted.

If you decide today that you want to increase your brain power. Many people ask me if I believe that some students are just more intelligent than others. You often hear people complain that they are not as smart as other people. While I acknowledge that there are some people who are born gifted. What I mean is that if you are not intelligent. I am a good example. From the time she was born. You can start the training of your brain at any age!

But how is it possible to increase your intelligence? To understand the whole process. At the age of six. The storage capacity of one neurone is also extremely huge as each cell contains our entire genetic blueprint necessary to recreate another human being just like us! We have on average. In comparison. The result of all his effort? At the age of one. Our brain is made up of billions of brain cells called neurones. Edith could already speak complete sentences. The good news is you do not have to start at a very young age to train your brain.

What Aaron Stern did was he gave his daughter the most stimulating environment he could think of. This indicates that we have tremendous brain power by comparison.

Although extremely tiny. At the age of Twenty weeks after conception. What makes one student smarter than another? The answer is the number of connections there are between our neurones. If you are really good in solving maths problems. Another student may be brilliant at drawing because he has the necessary thought connections that allow him to conceptualise and render the drawings.

These connections determine our range of behaviours and therefore. These connections are called neuro-connections. The more neuro-connections we have. I want you to change direction ou! Are you ready to play with me? This is determined by how much you use your brain.

Every time you see. Go on! Was that easy? Did you get a bit confused in the beginning? When you eventually did manage to change the direction in which your arms were folded. This is when your brain starts making more connections. Do more and you get better at something. This sounds really simple. At the same time. Think about this. Because in the process of doing something new over and over. By doing more and more algebra.

We tend to hate and avoid subjects we are lousy at. After a few rounds. When asked to do something different. You have got to keep doing more and more maths! The reason you are lousy at algebra is because you do not have enough neuro-connections to allow you to understand and apply algebra.

Ask yourself this: When you are lousy at something like history or maths. But most students do not follow this basic principle. I bet the answer will be less. Your brain learned to balance. If you are lousy at maths. Your brain gets used to it as it creates new connections and thought patterns. Is it good to be confused? Most people think it is bad to be confused or to not understand something. Let me ask you a question. The more you use your brain the better it gets.

When this happens. When you are confused about something. The only way to keep getting smarter is to do things which make you think real hard and challenge you! Your brain is just like a muscle. The only way to grow a muscle and get it big and bulging is to stress it. The process of thinking stimulates your brain.

They make the excuse that the subject is not interesting and that the confusing topic will probably not be tested in the exam anyway. The next time you encounter that same problem. This will stop your brain from growing straight away. When you are faced with a question and you answer. This happens not because they were born gifted. Giving a bad answer is better than no answer at all because at least it starts the thinking process. As a result of all this thinking.

I can testify to this because there were many points that I just found totally confusing even after having read the chapter or even after the teacher had explained it a hundred times in class.

At the end of the year. And you know what? I know you are guilty of it because I must admit I have done it a few times myself. They look at it as a challenge. This is not true at all! Keep asking and answering lots of questions in the classroom. Being afraid of raising your hand and answering questions in class it does not matter if you get the questions wrong. Remember that we have 1.

Expose your mind to information beyond the textbooks by reading outside the curriculum. Being afraid of asking questions when you do not know something.

Listen to Baroque music a branch of classical music composed in the s. Our left brain deals with logic. It is estimated at only 10 with zeros. To give you an idea of how big this number really is. We all know that the atom is one of the smallest particles in the universe right?

The total number of possible thought patterns if permutated. The top and central layers of the brain are made up of a left hemisphere and a right hemisphere. Each half plays a very different role. The answer to solving this problem is to involve both your right and your left brain in the learning process!

Not only does it keep your right brain happy and occupied. Core school subjects like geography. Your right brain happily goes off day-dreaming and makes you want to start drawing and doodling on any paper nearby. Have you also wondered why you always seem to need to turn on the radio or have some music going before you can study? Same reason! So it seems your right brain is the main cause of your distractions and lack of attention.

It is totally under-utilised. If you think about it. Do you day-dream a lot in class or end up doodling on your note pad during lectures? Do you know why this happens? Einstein loved to day-dream and one day. Other examples of whole-brained geniuses abound. Leonardo da Vinci — who is honoured as one of the greatest artists of all time was an accomplished scientist.

It was only when Einstein learned to use both sides of his brain that he unleashed this genius and formulated the theory of relativity. That day-dream suggested to him that the universe was in fact curved and hence space.

Albert Einstein — used to fail mathematics at school and was considered a slow learner. Did you know before he painted his masterpieces. This gave birth to the theory of relativity. Without fail. Their tables at home are always clean. Their rooms usually look like pigsties and their study desks are usually buried under books and papers thrown about.

Left-brain dominant students usually display the following characteristics. They are also generally less imaginative.

I Am Gifted, So Are hamhillfort.info | Psychology & Cognitive Science | Cognition

These students generally do well in languages. There will always be pens. They day-dream in class and are usually very talkative and are easily distracted. They are normally very neat and organised. They are normally very disorganised. Right-brain dominant students are the complete opposite!

Their hair is always in a mess and their shirts un-tucked. I have noticed that in anywhere around the world. They are the ones with neatly combed hair and shirts tucked in their pants. They will have a place for everything and they will notice and get upset if anyone borrows their things and does not put it back in the right place.

Which brain dominance is more important? The answer is both!

Ebook i are free download so gifted am you

In order to be truly intelligent and succeed in life. How unfair! Pretty soon. I was one of them! After a while. So what happens? This is because it takes imagination. If you are already left-brain dominant and doing well. You can use your strong traits like your imagination.

Kenneth Wong incidentally. What if you are already a left-brain dominant student and are already doing fairly well in school. You will increase your brain power and learning power even more! Does it mean you do not have to learn these techniques that I am going to share with you?

In three months. If you are a right-brain dominant student. The good news is that if you are a right-brain student. You can use a right brain technique to learn left brain subjects in school and excel in them! By learning how to use both sides of your brain simultaneously to learn.

This is exactly what I am going to teach you in this book. He loved to day-dream. He was extremely creative but had trouble with subjects like mathematics and history. Chapter 6 Power Reading for Information Now that you have an idea of the power of your brain. If you do this. They will then re-read that same material during their revision time in order to try remembering it.

They think reading is for the purpose of just understanding or gaining knowledge. Before you can start making notes. They know that it is not the number of words you read that is important. These words are called the keywords.

In general. So for your upcoming revisions. Their sole purpose is to link the keywords together to form sentences. Keywords include nouns.

As you do. The left brain and the right brain. After reading that passage. It has also been known that the left brain controls the right side of the body and that the right brain controls the left side of the body. It may initially take many hours to go through all the wheat and sift out the edible grains. The information packed keywords are only the ones in bold. For some time. I want you to read the word passage below. It has also been discovered that when the left brain is damaged.

In the rest of the chapter. It has also been known that the the of the and that the the of the. The and the. Would you still get all the information?

How much information did you get out of reading all these words? The answer is: None of the information would have been lost. This tells you that every time you read your textbooks or course materials. I am very sure that by just reading the keywords. What would happen if you were to just read the keywords.

It has also been discovered that when the is. The 99 other workers will get bored and start talking to one another.

You may also read at a speed which is way below what you are really capable of. Power reading is a technique of reading that is designed to increase your reading speed and to increase your concentration and comprehension of reading at the same time. If you had a company that employed workers but at any one time.

Remember that lack of concentration is the result of your mind wandering and thinking about other things. If you are like most people. Research has shown that our eyes and brain have the ability to absorb over This will give you a big advantage over your friends as you will have a lot more time to relax or move on to note-making and revision.

I have proven many times that when I cut down the amount of time I give my students to read a passage. Through many seminars and training programmes. The reason it does this especially the creative right brain is because it is not fully utilised and it gets bored. This is what is happening to your brain when it reads too slowly. Through power reading. What really happens is that our eyes do not move smoothly at all.

And how can we increase our speed of reading? The answer lies in the way our eyes move. When asked.

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They move pretty much like a typewriter instead. When we read. I am very sure you would be a lot more alert and your concentration level will be a lot higher! Let me give you another example using a metaphor. Your mind will probably be wandering around and be extremely bored. Would you be concentrating very hard? I doubt it. Only this time. The key to power reading is to reduce the number of pauses our eyes make as they read. For people who read one word at a time.

This is the speed of an average reader. If you can read two or three words at a time. Every time our eyes pause. Why do so many people read slowly? You must read chunks of words at each eye pause. This reading speed of words per minute wpm is considered below average. In order to read faster. With a bit of training. I want you to re-read the last page. Our eyes must pause to pick up information. The more pauses there are. This issue must be addressed separately. The other way is to drown that voice out and slowly remove that habit by playing very fast beat music without lyrics as you read.

Mouthing Words As you read. Because it is such a common habit ingrained in many of us.

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This can be reduced dramatically through getting into the habit of reading fast and trusting your own ability. This is almost just as bad as your speed is limited to how fast that voice in your head can talk. This is called subvocalisation.

This habit wastes a lot of time and normally causes the reader to read at less than wpm.

I am gifted, so are you!

Regression Another common problem of readers is having the tendency to keep skipping back and reading over the same words. If they do. Subvocalisation Some people do not move their lips as they read. Mouthing words slows down your speed as you are limited by how fast your lips can move! By consciously stopping this. Most people without much training will have an eye span of about three or four words. If you are a frequent reader. Reading word for word As mentioned. In power reading. You can check your current eye span by covering a sentence with a piece of paper.

How many words were you able to pick up from that sentence? The number is your rough eye span. In order to reach — wpm. The greater your eye span. Focus your eyes on the sentence that is being covered. We will talk about how to accomplish this in the next section. It is perfectly alright to read groups of words at one time.

Short eye span Your eye span is the number of words your eyes can pick up at a glance or at every pause. It is common that each paragraph will contain a single key idea with supporting points. Whenever you read. Use a Pencil as a Pacer When your eyes have nothing to guide it as it reads. It will increase your focus and concentration. Just as you need someone to pace your speed as you run a marathon.

Move your pencil slightly faster than your normal reading speed. Knowing this will improve your information gathering process. The other reason for using a pencil is to pace your eyes. The myth that reading in silence improves concentration is not true.

We tend to read at a speed that matches the speed of music we listen to. The other reason for reading with loud and fast music is so that it will drown your inner voice that slows you down and cuts out potentially distracting background sounds. It will then be able to read the text with a purpose. Keep Pushing and Stretching Yourself Have you ever seen how runners train? They are known to tie weights to their feet as they run in training. This feels extremely uncomfortable.

Read the Chapter from Back to Front Another technique that most students do not realise is that you should always read the back of a chapter before proceeding to read the front. Because the back of every chapter normally contains a summary of that chapter as well as questions that test you on that chapter.

After lots of drills and practice. When they take off the weights. When you read the summary and the questions. Previewing the chapter will prepare your mind and make reading more effective. As you train yourself in power reading. It does not matter if you feel totally confused and uncomfortable. You will become a reader actively looking out for information. The purpose of this is to stretch and overload your system. You can use this same technique in power reading. Now that you have learnt how to Power Read for information.

Instructions to exercise A2—E2: Focus your eyes on the centre line and use your peripheral vision to read the passage as you move your eyes down.

If you K E E do this. D J Z Unfor tunately. Left and Right. E T N memorising or revising. Before you V Z J can start making notes. Focus your eyes on the centre letter and without moving your eyes. V W F Unfortunately. Before you can X U G start making notes. If U I P you do this. P N H Unfortunately.

They are known to tie weights J Z Q to their feet as they run in training. If you Y H X do this. T K O This feels extremely uncomfortable. E T N Unfortunately.

When they take off M H V the weights. This feels extremely H S W uncomfortable. Before you can start making W M P notes. Y H X Have you ever seen how runners train? Q R U Have you ever seen how runners train?

Ebook i are am download so gifted you free

M H V As you train yourself in power reading. When U I P they take off the weights. V Z J Unfortunately. L G D You can use this same technique in power reading.

Before S Q I you can start making notes. I have discovered that one common strategy they use is that they all make their own personalized notes. What a terrible waste. When I ask them why. Now that you have learnt to Power Read and pick up the key ideas and keywords from your textbooks or course materials. Save time 2. Their notes also cut down their revision time as it contains only important and relevant points that they need to know. I must congratulate you for making it this far.

Making your own notes helps you to: Many of them tell me that their notes hold the secret of their success. Increase your ability to remember 3. In gases. Linear notes are notes that are written in sentences.

It is essentially identical to the original text except that only the more important concepts are included. They can move among one another. In solids. Forces between them are weaker and hence. In liquids. Because of the strong forces.

Whenever I ask students to show me their notes. There are two basic forms of linear notes. They are solid. They move at very high speeds and collide into one another. Gas 1. Molecules vibrate about their position. Just because everyone does something does not mean that it is the best method. Forces between the molecules hold them in position. Molecules are arranged closely. Molecules are very far apart.

Liquids 1. Molecules move at high speeds. Solids 1. Molecules are not arranged in a regular pattern and are farther apart. Form 2 The second method is normally referred to as writing in point form. Molecules can move among one another.

Do linear notes really help you to cut down unnecessary information and help you to save the most amount of time? The answer is no! Although linear notes extract the main points from the textbook. So obviously. They are to save time. To get outstanding results. Do linear notes use all these super memory principles? Not even one principle is used. I outline the seven principles of super memory. In Chapter 8 on Super Memory for Words. The next important question is: Do linear notes help you in remembering?

Linear notes make use of very little colours. Most of them are done in black or blue ink. Linear notes do not show how the different ideas or points are associated together.

Linear notes are not holistic. Linear notes have no pictures for you to visualize. Linear notes do not make information outstanding at all. In the chapter on your brain. It does not utilize any of the right-brain functions. Linear notes make no use of your imagination at all! It is no wonder why most students complain of a very bad memory. At one glance.

Ebook gifted i are am download free you so

I was able to condense ten pages into a single page because I only used keywords and images. This is achieved without leaving out any important information. Can you imagine the advantage you will have over your friends? When you are revising your materials just before the exam. This will make the ideas stick to your mind. Make Things Outstanding Instead of boring and monotonous words. You can also see right away that there are two points linked to Mechanical Weathering.

So if your name is John. It should not be enclosed within a border or a box. For illustration purposes. Laws to Follow: How do I start drawing one? In this section. The topic at the centre can be drawn with as many colours as you wish. It is a whole brain learning device that boosts your brain power to the level of a genius. The idea is to make the topic outstanding and memorable. You may wish to supplement the image with words. The rule of thumb is to keep it the size of two cent coins.

In this case. Add the Sub-Headings The next step would be to add the sub-headings to the topic at the centre. They should be joined at angles not horizontal. They should all be attached to the centre. This is to make it more outstanding 2. Everyone has their own ways to abbreviate common words. Add the Main Points and the Supporting Details. Go ahead and develop more creative abbreviations for yourself. STEP 3: For Each Sub-Heading.

Only Keywords and Images should be used. Whenever possible. There should be a maximum of one word on one line. All the branches that branch out from the same point should be in the same family colour. All branches should radiate from a single point. This is so that even more keywords and ideas can be connected to any existing keyword. It should have all relevant supporting details and sub- points.

Adding the supporting details and sub-points. It should not just contain main points. As such. In this last step. In doing so. See the black arrows in the diagram. The four main structures labeled I. Please do this now.

The number of sub-headings always equals the number of main branches. The Three States of Matter Solids The molecules in a solid are arranged in a regular pattern and are packed close together. There is little space between them so solids cannot be compressed. See the blue arrows in the diagram. Liquid Molecules in a liquid are slightly further part than in a solid.

You are not allowed to turn back to the text for reference. This caused the molecules to move slightly further apart and the liquid to expand. The inter-molecular forces are present only at the point of collision. The molecules move randomly at high speed. The inter-molecular forces consist of attractive forces and repulsive forces. I want you to turn the page and answer the following questions. The repulsive forces prevent the molecules from collapsing.

Most of the time. When heat is applied to a solid. Gases The molecules in a gas are much further apart. When heat is applied to a liquid. The forces between the molecules are not as strong as those in a solid. The reason is because linear notes are very bad devices for remembering as they do not allow you to remember points in a systematic order.

How many things do you need to know about solids? How many main ideas are there? Whenever I ask this question in all my seminars. Did you manage to list down all the points? Did you manage to write down how many main ideas there are? I bet the answer is no. I want you to check your answers with the text. Yet we know that in order to get full marks for a question in the exam. An example is given below.

The attractive forces prevent the molecules from breaking free and leaving their fixed positions. As you read through the keywords you have circled in the text. Draw the Topic at the Centre As you learnt earlier. It is best to fully develop this entire sub-heading before drawing the next two. Add the Sub-headings Next. So we can create a brand new branch for this as follows.

Adding all the main points. And the best thing is. And so on and so forth. Under molecules. Together with the outstanding pictures and the other principles of super memory. Do it now! Have fun! As along as you organize the information in a logical and systematic way.

At this stage. Power Read the extract from a geography book on the following page and pick out the keywords. A set of colour pens or markers. One or two pages of blank paper of at least A4 size. So here is another example for you to practise. The three main types of rocks are igneous rocks. Granite is the most common of the plutonic rocks. The best known volcanic rocks are baketchup. My younger cousin has a nagging worry for preparing examination and studying materials, so I bought him this book and wrote a reading guide to motivate him on.

I have shared it here in the hope that other than this now-already-excited child, more budding talents can have their burning passion lighted in their heart. You can learn more about him in the first few pages of the book.

I have arranged here for you a springboard path whilst reading. You can follow the sequence or start from the segment that interests you the most, but remember, all of them are essential to your holistic personal development. I wish you an abiding journey for the days ahead. The chapters give you a glimpse of what you are missing and how you can improve yourself. They lay a strong foundation as in the roots of a tree for your life in primary school and beyond.

Time is yours to use and arrange. You have a talent in Art. Mind map gives you a chance to combine your creativeness and logical-inferring skills to mimic how our brains actually think and work. It is not an easy chapter, but it will certainly be worth your effort upon mastering this note-making tool. Consider gaining an improved memory and understanding to your studies, why not?

If you consider the mind map metaphorically to the trunk of a tree, these two chapters are the branches and leaves. They stretch your mind to a new horizon; seeing things differently yet positively.

You will learn more new things quickly and convert them into meaningful applications as to what chlorophyll does when taking in sunlight. You can jump from chapter to chapter, do not restrain yourself. These chapters explain why our memory fails us sometimes. On the contrary, they also provide solutions to cure the 'pains'. We have to learn different strategies to better-planning and re-scheduling our daily activities.

These are the 'nutrients'. In addition, Chapter 15 reinforces Part IV; it teaches you how and why you need to master your time. See all 11 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. This item: Set up a giveaway. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. The Ultimate Success Formula: Million Maker Book 1. Winning the Game of Life!: Secrets of Millionaire Investors: What other items do customers buy after viewing this item?

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