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Would you give me directions to this defect report? . Where is the report that shows each transaction and the handling charge, downloaded, and what the heck. The Transaction Defect Report provides you with daily updates synced with your seller dashboard, access to defect Download your Transaction Report often!. hello, everyone: i download the Transaction Defect Report of the New seller performance standards, and on this report, it give me info as below Item.

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Some eBay sellers still have questions about how to access reports after Defect report) - at the bottom of your screen click on "Download full. download-defects-report If this isn't something that you've been monitoring closely then please; go and check your most recent report right now (they're updated. Are you struggling to make sense of your eBay defect reports? Do you just love the CSV download that eBay provides or would you prefer a.

A defect is a part of a transaction that eBay considers to have created a bad shopping experience for buyers. A seller's transaction defect rate is the percentage of their total transactions that had either defect. Note that these defects often measure how satisfied your buyers were with a transaction. We don't count more than one defect per transaction. Learn More. Certain transaction defects received for reasons beyond a seller's control will be automatically removed from the seller's performance standards and feedback profile. For example.

Defect download report ebay

I couldn't find any place on eBay that went into this level of detail, unfortunately feel free to post a link in the comments if you can find it. Even though the video doesn't fully explain the ins and outs of the seller dashboard and reports, it may be helpful to view it - skip to the second mark. Tweet Share. Comments 28 Leave Comment Permalink. Wed Aug 27 Just noticed they've replaced feedback left and received dates with a time frame only function. I'm not one to run reports in an attempt to see who did what, I'm over wasting my time trying to make sense of that which contains none but I'm curious to know if those of you who do take that time will be hampered in an attempt to identify low DSR's with this move or if it's of no concern.

What the heck was that change for? How does that improve the site? Screenshot and details, anyone? That must be the easiest job on earth since how many sellers really trust eBay? Yes, I'm seeing that too, Agenda.

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Who knows why someone felt the need for THAT. Anonymous Annie. Today I was busy listing and selling and responding to customer emails and taking phone calls and packing and shipping After reading this thread, I was curious, so I logged in to eBay to see what everyone's talking about.

Where the dashboard used to be, appears a message that says: Talk to ya later! Good luck trying to figure it all out and make sense of everything!

Transaction Defect Report: what is the transaction - The eBay Community

Come on, Annie, stop teasing eBay sellers with how fun and easy your life has become since leaving JD's house of horrors. Thu Aug 28 When you open your seller dashboard to the projected next evaluation you can not run a report on the current month yet. Off topic, Its about time! The atterney general looked into ebay for ANY reason. Congratulations Ina on your foray into technical writing.

Are you perchance applying to eBay for a job? You want your information choices visible and in a location where it is easily found. I was doing that stuff over 20 years ago on a NeXT machine which was crude by today's tools.

Ebay report download defect

New to eBay: Transaction Defect Report: May 23, 9: Does anyone know how to use the transaction id to find your transaction? Comments 0. Answers 2. May 23, Comments 1. Since eBay's policy it to make it hard for sellers to fin May 25, 6: Hopefully someone will be able to better answer your question. Related Articles. Foreign transaction fee.

Questionable Transaction. Transaction Archives. Transaction fee. Popular Tags. Greg, where do you want me to send the file?

Defect download report ebay

Cool, glad to hear it! If so, a couple of folks have had that problem. Just tried and worked for me. I get to get all wound up now B- Seriously though great little app. Saves having to try and go back through all the information manually. Just had a look at a URL and something like this seems to work as long as you are logged into ebay.

It may be possible to do what you are describing. I am less familiar with the protocols for a transaction ID, but could look into it if this was something that would add value to the application.

One thing that comes to mind is that if a transaction ID link would only work if the person was logged in, there may be a potential for an unworking link.

Not sure about all the protocols etc. I just try links and URLS until things work. If it works for everyone as it is then best not to alter it. Probably me just trying to make it more complicated B-. It is a compelling idea Simon. I am definitely going to look into how transaction data could be woven in based on your description.

If you have 3 different customers leaving a 1 for description does it make it clear that 3 people have recorded that defect? I think you may be asking about something different, however.

If so, then no- but assuming that is what you have in mind, it could be another good idea.

An H1 is mandatory for the WAE tool

It is worth noting that since there are seven defect categories some with long title names , things might get a bit cluttered if they were all simultaneously represented- for the purposes of displaying a grand total per category. Many thanks to Greg!

To me, folks like that were true digital artists and pioneers. So what is the point in looking at the defects which will only make your blood boil and give feelings of helplessness. Any good seller immediately revises the listing and looks for improvement upon receiving any comment or when case is opened etc.