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JBidwatcher is a free eBay tool that's easy to use, multiplatform, and allows you to allowing you to monitor auctions you're not part of, submit bids, snipe (bid at the You can also download the Java binary for any other platform, including. This application tracks and manage your eBay auctions privately and automatically bids in the last seconds on auction you choose (sniping). It supports main eBay US sites and many International sites and currencies too. Place bids in the last seconds of eBay auctions. Gixen is a FREE eBay Auction Sniper Service. No download required! sniping service, unmatched by any other sniping service or sniping software.

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2-way eBay auction sniper software for eBay auctions. Tool for bidding, sniping and bulk data extraction. Test it yourself:: Download Free Trial. Features. The best free eBay Sniper software that I know is called Biet-O-Matic and can be downloaded from Sourceforge. It supports item groups, remote. Download eBay Auction Sniper software. EBay Auction Sniper makes the bidding process easier by allowing you to browse auctions through the program's.

Snipe Bidding means placing a bid in the final seconds of an auction. This technique allows the bidder to obtain the best price without bidding against non-serious bidders who run up the price. Sniping also allows bidders to win auctions that would otherwise be taken away by non-serious bidders who place high bids just for the thrill of winning. You can''t always be sitting in front of your computer when an auction is about to end to place that critical bid. You may forget, you may not be at home or may be asleep. You need a Snipe-To-Win to place the bid for you automatically at exactly the right time. No worries about typo''s or having to login and missing the end of the auction.

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Search the JBidwatcher site: JBidwatcher 2. More below. Please do not re-sell the JBidwatcher program or code. JBidwatcher is under active development, and issues are reasonably quickly responded to. Bug reports and feature requests are always welcome, as are praise and complaints.

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Always feel free to make suggestions or report bugs. If you'd like to know a bit about some of the advanced configuration settings that are not yet available from the configuration UI, you can look at my guide to the configuration file format. It is slightly out of date, as recent releases have added a wealth of tuning configuration parameters.

Snipe bidding has both mathematical and psychological foundations.

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Even without the analysis, cool headed, experienced bidders have known for a long time that it is highly effective. Mathematicians have shown that Snipe bidding works statistically. Researchers at Seoul National University in Korea analyzed over a quarter of a million auctions and confirmed that Snipe bidding gives the best chance of winning.

Snipe bids placed seconds before the end of an auction have the greatest percentage chance of winning an auction. Snipe-To-Win is free, there is no trial period and it will not expire. Give it a try and see how much you can save on eBay auctions using this revolutionary new bidding method. The app is currently available in English and it was last updated on Just click the green Download button above to start.

Until now the program was downloaded times. We already checked that the download link to be safe, however for your own protection we recommend that you scan the downloaded software with your antivirus. I never pay more than Im willing to for an item and it gets the lowest price possible. Who wouldn't love it. Thank you very much for this great program. The best eBay-Sniper! Works perfectly and in English if required.

Im abit chucked that its only support in this is only german or whatever. Its impossible to read for international users unless you know the language.

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