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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. NIKITA SINGH was born in Patna and grew up in Indore, Durjoy Datta. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. $ Read with Our Free App; Paperback $ durjoy datta free read online, someone like you book by durjoy datta free free download. Access Ebook without any digging. And by having access to our ebook. Review of "Someone Like You", co-written by Nikita Singh and Durjoy Datta, on its web-site as, “books that don't weigh you down with complicated stories.

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Someone Like You

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Someone Like You is the story of Niharika Singh. A girl who never thought that she is beautiful until she was in school. She didn't exist for boys and other entities whom every girls want to get an attention from. Then her sister- Simran does a whole make-over which helps Niharika to realize that she is as beautiful as every another girl whom she feels is beautiful than her.

She goes to a totally new city for her college. There she meets 3 different boys- Tanmay, Karthik and Akshat. Tanmay ends up being her best friend. Karthik ends up being a mysterious guy in her life about whom she always remain confused.

Akshat turns out to be her sister- Simran's ex because of which she finds weird to date him. Pia turns out to be her room-mate and lately, she also becomes her only friend in this new campus. Tanmay starts falling for Pia. Pia also starts liking him in spite of being in a long-distance relationship with Vishal. But, does the book ends with love sagas of all these characters?

It has much more in it. At least 10 times more than what I have described above. I can not talk about them as I don't want any spoilers in this review.

Do read the book to enjoy one of the best works in this genre of fiction. Coming to both the authors first, I must say that Durjoy Datta is finally changing his writing style with every book and delivering something which I always wanted from him rather than the same sex saga that he used to write.

His last book "Till the Last Breath" turned out to be one of my favorites and with this one, he has just matured enough. I am just excited for his next book now. As I, myself, blamed him for over-excessive use of sex in his books, his last book didn't have much of it and this one does not have the word itself, as per my memory.

I am too happy to witness this change. And as usual the selection and choice of words that the writer implements in his writing is magical. Just for that, he remains to be my favorite. Coming to Nikita Singh, I didn't like her previous works much but with this one, I can easily say that she has learned quite sooner. I hope she keeps this magic alive and write such character-based stories than sex-related ones.

Both of you have already given that kind of book in bulk to us: I, generally, write the best scenes that I fall in love with while reading a book. But with this book, it's hard for me to categorize some events than others and term only them as my favorites. Right from the first word till the last, I was intrigued in the story like anything. It's good that people trusted this book and just on the pre-ordering basis, it entered the Bestseller's chart at No.

Initially, the way Niharika gives her introduction is lovely. Even Simran is described lovingly. I fell in love with both the sisters initially itself. But this book is not just a love story.

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It is a purely character-based story where each person has a totally new personality, background, thoughts and approach towards life. How they end up being in a single plot is what makes a reader like me excited to turn pages. Later, the hospital scene gave me thousands of goosebumps. The climax is as beautiful and balanced as the whole book is.

The entrance of Pia in the book gives a push to the story in the first half. The whole book is perfect. The second half is something I never guessed that the intense level would be such.

Someone has said it right- Don't judge a book by its cover page. I would ask all of you to purchase it and keep it with yourself. Whenever you feel low, just pick this book up and you would lose all your tension and frustration. But this book also sends a message across that not everyone can be trusted without much experience and reason nor we should blame someone without knowing all the facts-hidden and obvious. We may never know the gray shades of some, blacks of some and whites of some.

I don't know if I should even rate this book but undoubtedly, this is better than most of the book that I have read. I give it 4. Believe me. Purchase it right now. And yes, the only drawback that I can point is, no humor-filled one liners. View all 4 comments. May 23, Himanshi Agrawal rated it liked it Shelves: I don't read a lot of novels written by Indian writers but I picked this one up a little while ago, and I mostly liked it. So Niharika love the name was not my favorite main character, a little judgmental, and little naive but her heart was in the right place.

Akshat, okay if a guy seems that perfect, RUN. Also, their relationship didn't really appeal to me, very insta lovey.

Pia and Tanmay were sweet and kinda adorable. They both made some shitty choices which led to even more shitty consequenc I don't read a lot of novels written by Indian writers but I picked this one up a little while ago, and I mostly liked it.

They both made some shitty choices which led to even more shitty consequences. Worked for me. The only thing that bugged me was the over the top drama. Could have lived without it. Other than that, it was a fun and cute read. May 28, Fuzaila rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mirrors remind me of things I am not, things I see other people are and things I would like to be. And also-sadly-things that I can never be.

Someone Like You — It seems I have a thing for that phrase. It is one of my favorite songs, and it is also, undoubtedly one of my favorite books. But sometimes, you just need to sit back, relax, and read a book, just to seek pleasure. Because if you read this book with a cri Mirrors remind me of things I am not, things I see other people are and things I would like to be.

But for once, if you decide to read just for the sheer pleasure of it, to enjoy yourself, to marvel at life, to take yourself on a nostalgic trip, to make you want to cuddle in bed, then — Read this book. It was absolutely adorable yet heartbreaking, and I enjoyed every moment. A week before starting college as a freshman, Niharika Singh visits her sister in Delhi. She has never been much beauty-conscious, but now that she is going to college, her sister Simran insists on a makeover.

With newfound confidence in herself and her looks, Niharika also attracts Akshat Verma , a filthy rich guy, who is ever the gentleman. His perfect looks and demeanor instantly gets her and they go on a few dates. But this relationship is short-lived as she soon discovers Akshat had dated Simran. Once in college, Niharika meets Tanmay, a cute, nerdy guy and they hit it off instantly.

Her roommate Pia also enters the team, and they become an inseparable trio. Niharika finds herself intrigued by him, but she knows better than to go by looks, thanks to Akshat. The book is written in a simple, lucid prose, which suits the story surprisingly well. Durjoy and Nikita have a great coordination, and you simply cannot NOT notice the way they have blended both their voices as one.

The plot is fast-paced, but it did take some time to gear up in the beginning. There is love of all kinds — sibling-love, family-love, friendship, insta-love and a splash of romance. There is joy and elation. There is heartbreak and grief.

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And the best part is that the authors make sure you feel them all along with the characters. Also — the characters. I really loved Niharika, the protagonist.

I could relate to her on many levels. Some might find her to be flat and blunt, but for me her character was perfectly well-defined. Akshat, Tanmay, Karthik, Simran, Pia — each and every one of them were developed in such a realistic way that I wondered if it was a true story.

But no, it is all fiction — all the more reason to compliment the authors for the great job they did. The climax, even if I was forewarned, even if this was a reread, made me cry — again. The guy is villainy — but not tough. The girl is innocent — but not stupid. Everything is just in the exact place. Overall, if you are looking for a good contemporary read, pick this one next time. The characters were remarkable and will stay with me for life.

Ok this one I picked up because the very same author have penned some heart touching stuff which is a feat if you are an Indian author View all 3 comments. Its Good to read what was written though I feel like an incomplete ending or say it be a sudden ending without proper end. However the rest story was good but feels nowhere close to what was expected.

And, there was one typographical mistake on some page in the second half where it was meant to be the "wasn't"but there was "was', when Niharika was plotted to be thinking of Pia after Tanmay's death. My l Its Good to read what was written though I feel like an incomplete ending or say it be a sudden ending without proper end. My love for football let me in this story for long. Friendship had also been depicted very well.

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But some where there is some incompleteness about plot created. Clarity for protagonist in regard of her life shown was almost based on her own intentions rather that perspective of situation that needs to be there. However, the choice of character to web the Plot was so good to get them fit for story.

Learn from mistakes as Simran did , and, let others warn of it which Simran did as well, but with no clarity to get the things get going for her own sister. Thoroughly, Its 3. This is probably the worst book I have ever read in my entire 18 year old life. Where to start Girl gets a makeover Meets a guy Guy gets obsessed with her. Girl breaks up with him Moves to her college Meets another guy Immediately hates him Guy2 falls in love with her, just like that.

Guy1 follows her through state to state. Girl Doesn't not think of guy 1 as a stalker. And goes on a date with him That's it. I can't even write more without wanting to burn that book.

What's wrong with you, nihar This is probably the worst book I have ever read in my entire 18 year old life. What's wrong with you, niharika? And guy2 why did you fall in love with a girl like her. I really really don't recommend this book. And this is my opinion and i hate this book and hoped that it didn't exist. Since i used the template which i generally use in my blog, the review could make you feel as if i am talking with my blog Dont mis judge me as a dolt: D May 18th , Blog, it's one of those days at office when i had nothing to do, literally nothing, yet had to look busy to avoid the long stare which i would get from my manager when he sees me idle.

But thanks to Amazon developers who created Kindle for desktop application, having it on my PC helped me kill time. Blog, you see i created Note: Blog, you see i created this new theory at office that "Its better to kill your time in productive way by reading a book rather than stare at the cieling or keep a timer for loo breaks each day and try to better my own record or the weirdest, listen to hindi songs and try to translate the lyrics into english".

The answers i got from my already bored brain were a Would have bought a burger at Burger King. Gotto hook him up with some work" look. Almost all my friends who have just fell in love are trying to find a place away from society and social life just to romance..

All they need is a secluded place with no one around and they can start.. If you get what i am saying? Apparently blog, according to recent stats I just created this Stat to sound more authoritative and informative.

Someone Like You by Nikita Singh

Shrewd genius i am you see girls are the most confused souls on this planet earth and Durjoy and Nikita indirectly second my stats by this book See diary how i intelligently included both the authors in my con. Is Con se kaun bachega? Niharika, the Jessy turned Jessica Simpson Read fugly turned freaking hot is also from the same batch on whom the above mentioned stats were conducted. Someone like you is Niharika's life summed up based on her relationships.

Diary, if you consider Niharika as hot, you gotto read the author narrate Pia, Niharika's roomate at ICE, the narration could even turn on a blind man as well I am exaggerating. Niharika and Pia have a pleasant life at ICE with their randon girly talks at night, every one hitting on them at morning and they hitting on every other hot male at afternoon.

Tanmay has his horny moments Read happy. Wanted to create interest for "those readers" as well who look for such stuff in books playing football at evening and hanging out with his be-sties at college stairs doing random college stuff now and then. On a serious note blog, the characterization of these three people have been well established by the author, yet it lacked the flow one would expect from Durjoy. The hospital portion of the book was well established and also Karthik's character Niharikas crush at college was also very well cleverly put through.

The intial portion of the book about Niharikas makeover and she visiting her sister would give a wrong opinion about the book to the readers and would be taken away if i were the editor of it.

Since i like both those movies, i kinda liked the book. I would rate it 3. So yes this was another book from the Durjoy Dutta club and it was bought just due to that reason as I was collecting all 10 Durjoy work. But this doesn't seem like his work yes it's enjoyable and light but it's looking more and more that Durjoy is being used like James Patterson who co-author's most of his books now a days and it's always difficult to know who contributed where.

Well coming to the book it's story of Niharika who was an ugly duckling but due a makeover by her sister turns into a So yes this was another book from the Durjoy Dutta club and it was bought just due to that reason as I was collecting all 10 Durjoy work.

Well coming to the book it's story of Niharika who was an ugly duckling but due a makeover by her sister turns into a beautiful swan and with that the story begins as boys and relationships enter the picture. The story moves ahead with ease at some places and jerked at others. Like my friend wrote in his review this looks filmy that that is no bad thing.