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There are literally dozens of free Microsoft PowerPoint templates online. For starters, you can download these PowerPoint templates for free, . The eBook will help walk you through the complete presentation process. Invite friends to a book club meeting with free Invitation PPT themes. Download free Book theme for Microsoft PowerPoint to use as flash cards, homework. MS PowerPoint. Sort by, Title, Author, Language, Rating. Microsoft Office Powerpoint PowerPoint Advanced PowerPoint Part II.

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Before you begin working in Microsoft PowerPoint , you should be familiar You can download many pictures for free on the Internet or create your own. 2 Ebook Templates for PowerPoint: Free Download. Book Design Templates — Book Layout and Design Templates for Microsoft Word: Word templates to. Microsoft PowerPoint is a full-featured presentation program that helps you quickly . ing through a free broadcasting service. .. To download your eBook, please see the instruction page at the back of this book.

Built for advertisers. Set your budget, target your visitors, get traffic. Create Your Ad. You can take good blog posts and expand them into good books, give them away to boost your mailing list, and sell others on Amazon and the like. One of the hardest parts of an eBook is not actually the content. A cover and a compelling internal design will make your eBooks and other publications stand out that much more. You can hire an experienced designer, but that costs money, potentially more than what your expected returns on the book will be.

My one grip with these templates is that, while there are 16 of them on the page, several of them are basically just color-changed variations of each other. They have a cover page, a table of contents page, a chapter title page, a sample content page, a sample content page with an image, and a sample content page with a stand-out quote.

You can mix, match, adapt, change, and run with the designs as much as you like. They are provided in PowerPoint format on the assumption that most people have the basic Microsoft Office suite on their computers. Finding good templates that work in the program can be a hassle, which is why this link is great for those of you who can use it.

The templates range from catalogues to brochures to standard books, covering a variety of different topics. It has a few dozen designs, from social media posts to eBooks to album covers to posters and menus and more. You choose a design and then you can personalize it.

For eBooks, for example, they have a few dozen book design styles, and more all the time. Some of them are free, some of them are not. Keep this in mind.

Next you can add and adjust elements on your document. You can add pages, add images, put in grids, draw shapes or free draw, add text, and a whole lot more. Many elements are free, as are some photos, while a lot of other photos and elements have their own charges associated with them. If you choose to use paid elements, they can range from a few cents to a few dollars each.

You can use that element in an unlimited number of products, until that license expires, at which point you will have to pay for it again. So, your eBook can be free or it can be expensive, depending on how many premium elements you use. In either case, Canva is an amazing tool and should be bookmarked by every serious marketer.

Yes, I know that the focus of this article is on free templates, but there are plenty of good templates out there available for a very minimal fee. The eBook Evolution System — This is a premium-level system for creating and publishing eBooks, along with a selection of templates, designed for big brands.

Creative Market — This site is sort of like an Etsy of digital resources. All of the templates for eBooks here — and they have of them — is something hand-made to sell on this marketplace. Some of them are little more than samples in PowerPoint, while others are much more robust and made in InDesign or Photoshop.

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Pin 2. Posted in Resources. A lot of presentations are stifled by overuse or inappropriate use of animations and transitions. Not only that, animations and transitions lend energy to your messaging and go a long way towards keeping your audience engaged.

The difference between animations and transitions in PowerPoint is that while the former applies to the movement of individual objects text, images, shapes on a slide, the latter refers to the animation that takes place when moving from one complete slide to the next.

Accessing both these features is easy and intuitive: You then have many animation styles to choose from for that object. You can make the object appear on the slide, come in from off-slide, move position, change colour, size, and style. Slick transitions add a premium, professional flourish to presentations and help tie together information across multiple slides into cohesive overarching messaging.

They allow your content to progress fluidly, and can be a dramatic way of introducing new information to your audience. Morph makes it easy to create high-quality, cinematic transitions between slides with just a few clicks.

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It enables you to move multiple objects around with ease and have them animate together. To use Morph, first duplicate the two slides you want to animate together. This will make the movement of your objects look really smooth, and saves you the trouble of individually animating multiple elements. PowerPoint Morph is especially useful when your presentation is trying to convey a change or potential change in a state of affairs.

Visual content makes up a large portion of human communication, and is processed by the brain much faster than written information alone. It is no surprise then, that visuals generate much more audience engagement than slides that just use text.

There are plenty of sources out there on the web that you can use to find effective images, but it can be difficult to know where to start looking. Outlined below are some reputable sources that will help you find photos and graphics that suit your brand, subject, and message.

MS PowerPoint books

Each holds a huge database of photos, visuals and scalable vector graphics — the latter of which can be scaled to any size without the loss of resolution. The obvious advantage of these services is the astronomical amount of variety they offer: You can also take advantage of the beautiful free stock image sites like Pexels , StockSnap and Unsplash — all of which offer do-what-you-want photos for commercial and personal use.

A note on usage rights.

Powerpoint free microsoft download ebook

When trying to find images, it is important to always check the usage rights of your desired photo or icon. Icons are a simple and effective way of conveying ideas in presentations. They help to break up your text and make it easier for the audience to quickly absorb information.

An icon coupled with just a line or two of well-chosen text will communicate your message much more powerfully than a waffling paragraph. Talking about the delivery of a project? Convey this with an icon depicting a van. Outlining your PR strategy? You can use a megaphone icon. What about conveying a cost breakdown? Use a stack of coins. You get the idea. But where can you go to find quality icons? The best place to look is the Noun Project , which aims to have icons available to represent every conceivable concept or theme.

If you just need to find a few simple icons for your PowerPoint presentation, check out free resources like Freepik , IconMonstr and Freebiesbug. Follow the tips and best practices below to get the most from video and interactivity in PowerPoint.

You should have a good reason for adding video to PowerPoint; doing so just for the sake of it is pointless and will disrupt the flow of your presentation.

However, when implemented correctly it can help you tell your story in a powerful and compelling way. The most obvious way of adding video to PowerPoint is from a file on your computer. Once your video has been imported into PowerPoint, you can scale its size and change its position on the slide the same way you would any other element. You can change the size of the video box, get rid of the video title and action buttons, and stop suggested videos showing at theend no-one wants errant cat videos showing up at the end of their product demo.

A key issue to think about when embedding and linking to online content in PowerPoint is that it requires a reliable internet connection. Doing so adds an element of risk: Taking advantage of non-linear navigation in PowerPoint allows you to be flexible and entirely audience-focused in your approach. But just how do you create an interactive presentation that allows you this freedom?

Non-linear navigation can get confusing pretty quickly if not organised in a clear, logical way. A hub and spoke arrangement is recommended when first using hyperlinked navigation in PowerPoint: Navigating back to the hub before proceeding to another offshoot page makes it easy to keep up with where you are when just getting used to non-linearity in PowerPoint.

Use this PowerPoint checklist to make sure you are completely prepared before saving your presentation and delivering it to your audience. Most modern displays and TV screens use the But for peace of mind, check the kind of screen you will be presenting on and ensure your presentation is designed to suit it.

Leave time so that you can go back to your presentation for proofreading a day or so after you finish it.

This way, you can look at it with fresh eyes. Microsoft Office applications are pretty weak when it comes to spotting grammar mistakes. So if you create a lot of high-value presentations it may be worth investing in a content checker tool like Grammarly , which offers a Microsoft Word plug-in that tests copy for different types of grammatical and syntax errors.

Check that all shapes, text boxes and fonts are the right styles and correctly aligned. This is a good time to once again highlight the importance of a properly implemented template see Chapter 2: Also spot check your links in Slideshow mode and make sure that they are clicking through properly.

Free Book PowerPoint Templates

Files created in older versions of the application generally carry forward well into new iterations, but when things are the other way round complications can arise.

Our final tip if everything else is in good order is to save a version of your presentation with the PowerPoint Show. PPS file extension. Doing so will launch your deck in Slide Show mode as soon as the file is opened. We hope that you have learnt a lot about PowerPoint best practices from this guide and are well on your way to better presentations as a result.

Download microsoft powerpoint ebook free

The premium presentations we produce are dynamic and interactive, while remaining editable and easy to use. Cutting-edge design and best-in-class visual storytelling are the cornerstones of what we do. We create impactful visuals that match your brand, and transform your content into a compelling narrative that cuts through the noise.

At the outset of each project we consult closely with you to understand your requirements and build a completely tailored solution suited to your company and objectives. Our flexible pricing model allows us to set a fixed price for your job that includes allowances for amends to get things just right. So no nasty surprises when it comes time to pay the bill. We use cookies on our website. You are free to manage this via your browser setting at any time. To learn more about how we use the cookies, please see our privacy and cookie policy.

Toggle navigation. About us Services Why use us? Establishing narrative and structuring content The mistake that a lot of presenters make is diving straight into PowerPoint without giving proper thought for the overall structure of their presentation.

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Figuring out your objective First and foremost, you need to identify what you want your presentation to achieve. You want to be guiding your audience on a clear journey towards the desired outcome. Crafting a compelling story You should frame your presentation content as a story for one simple reason: Planning each slide. Back to contents. The importance of templates and slide masters We know how it is: What is a template? Selection and visibility The answer to this problem is a set of incredibly useful features that surprisingly few people are aware of.

Hiding and unhiding layers. Where is the selection pane in PowerPoint for Mac? Design and layout best practices PowerPoint is simply the delivery vehicle for your imagery and messaging, and the rules of good presentation design are the same as those applied in other areas of visual communication. Contrast As long as elements on your slides are different, they should be made distinct from one another — graphic elements and text should contrast with your backgrounds.

Repetition Repetition of visual elements helps create a uniformity that ties your design together. Proximity Items that are related to each other should naturally be placed close to one another.

Alignment Alignment is all about joining up elements up to bring balance to your design — the position of each element should correspond with another. Widescreen PowerPoint. Less is more. Line length. Custom fonts If the system fonts on your computer leave you feeling uninspired, check out some of the best Google Fonts — which are free and open source — to help bring your presentations to life.

Presentation fonts: Red Widely recognised as dynamic, passionate, and even aggressive, red can be a good way to go if your presentation is very energetic and animated.

Purple Purple signifies wealth, royalty and stability, and can help reinforce ideas of luxury when the subject of your presentation is a premium product, service or experience.