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Getting started with Excel VBA, Arrays, Conditional statements, Ranges and Cells , or Column in a Worksheet; Creating a drop-down menu in the Active Worksheet PowerPoint Integration Through VBA; How to record a Macro; SQL in Excel. As of today we have 76,, eBooks for you to download for free. VBA. EXCel Programar en Excel: m BA *. Macros y Lenguaje V E contenido de. hamhillfort.info may download this material at hamhillfort.info For more Part I: Getting Started with Excel VBA Programming 9. Chapter.

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In Excel, macro code is a programming code which is written in VBA (Visual Basic Don't Forget to download this free PDF checklist where I've added all these. programming, which interacts with the Excel interface. No programming Lesson materials: Learning Slides[.pdf] Tutorial 4: Recording Macro. Case 6: Select Shift + Control + Down arrow to select all elements until an empty cell ( or. This is a zipped Excel Workbook that shows how you can use VBA housed in the The code has been set so it works in both Excel 97 and The reason it.

If you do not have WinZip download it here. Data Validation. It has three that use no formulas and three that do use formulas. Here are some clever uses of Option Buttons and Conditional Formatting. The code has been set so it works in both Excel 97 and This download contains four Workbooks.

Something like this. Date Start Time ——— ——————- Aug 24 9: Great Puneet! I am sure it will help me save my hours of daily work.

Thanks much. How to transfer a cell value from main workbook to several workbooks via VBA program, without opening the other several workbooks. Hey, great macros. Could you help with this addition? AutoFill Destination: Select Exit Sub End Sub. Please share with me here so that other can make use of it.

Hi Puneet.. Thanks for that.. Punit i am very novice to VB, so can you give some tips how to grow up in VB coding, your kind guidance is required, my email id is gshuvishesh gmail.

Thanks Punit for sharing Wonderful Excel tricks…. Helped me to automate my few daily routine task in one go…. Macro codes can save you a ton of time. You can automate small as well as heavy tasks with VBA codes. And do you know? With the help of macros You can use these codes even if you haven't used VBA before that.

But here's the first thing to know: Go to your developer tab and click on "Visual Basic". On the left side in "Project Window", right click on the name of your workbook and insert a new module. Now, go to your developer tab and click on the macro button. Just read the title and click on it to get the code. Pivot Table. Basic Codes. Add Serial Numbers. Activate Next i Last: Insert Multiple Columns. Insert Multiple Rows. Auto Fit Columns.

Quickly auto fit all the columns in your worksheet. Auto Fit Rows. You can use this code to auto-fit all the rows in a worksheet.

Remove Text Wrap. This code will help you to remove text wrap from the entire worksheet with a single click. Unmerge Cells.

Top 100 Useful Excel Macro [VBA] Codes Examples

Sub UnmergeCells Selection. UnMerge End Sub. Open Calculator. Use this code to add a date into the header or footer in your worksheet. You can edit this code for switching from header to footer. If you want to insert a custom header then this code is for you. Formatting Codes. Highlight Duplicates from Selection.

You can also change the color from the code. Highlight the Active Row and Column. I really love to use this macro code whenever I have to analyze a data table. Here are the quick steps to apply this code. Close VBE and you are done. Remember that, by applying this macro you will not able to edit the cell by double click. Highlight Top 10 Values. Just select a range and run this macro and it will highlight top 10 values with the green color.

Highlight Named Ranges. Highlight Greater than Values. Highlight Lower Than Values. Highlight Negative Numbers. Highlight Specific Text. Suppose you have a large dataset and you want to check for a particular value. For this, you can use this code. When you run it, you will get an input box to enter the value to search for. Highlight Cells with Comments.

To highlight all the cells with comments use this macro. Highlight Alternate Rows in the Selection. By highlighting alternate rows you can make your data easily readable.

Free excel vba download ebook macro

And for this, you can use below VBA code. It will simply highlight every alternate row in selected range. Highlight Cells with Misspelled Words. If you find hard to check all the cells for spelling error then this code is for you.

It will check each cell from the selection and highlight the cell where is a misspelled word. To highlight and count all the cells in which you have an error, this code will help you.

Macro excel ebook free download vba

Highlight Cells with a Specific Text in Worksheet. Highlight all the Blank Cells Invisible Space. It will check all the selected cells and highlight the cell with the maximum value. It will check all the selected cells and highlight the cell with the Minimum value.

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Highlight Unique Values. This codes will highlight all the cells from the selection which has a unique value. Highlight Difference in Columns. Using this code you can highlight the difference between two columns corresponding cells. Highlight Difference in Rows. And by using this code you can highlight difference between two row corresponding cells. Printing Codes. Print Comments. Sub printComments With ActiveSheet. Print Narrow Margin. Use this VBA code to take a print with a narrow margin.

When you run this macro it will automatically change margins to narrow. Print Selection. This code will help you print selected range.

Free Excel Downloads. Excel Functions and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)

You don't need to go to printing options and set printing range. Just select a range and run this code. Sub printSelection Selection.

Print Custom Pages. You just need to run this VBA code and enter start page and end page. Worksheet Codes. Hide all but the Active Worksheet. Unhide all Hidden Worksheets. Delete all but the Active Worksheet. Protect all Worksheets Instantly. If you want to protect your all worksheets in one go here is a code for you. And make sure to take care about CAPS.

Resize All Charts in a Worksheet. Make all chart same in size.

This macro code will help you to make all the charts of the same size. You can change the height and width of charts by changing it in macro code. Insert Multiple Worksheets.

You can use this code if you want to add multiple worksheets in your workbook in a single shot. Protect Worksheet. If you want to protect your worksheet you can use this macro code. Un-Protect Worksheet. If you want to unprotect your worksheet you can use this macro code.

Unprotect "mypassword" End Sub. Sort Worksheets. This code will help you to sort worksheets in your workbook according to their name.

Protect all the Cells With Formulas. To protect cell with formula with a single click you can use this code. Delete all Blank Worksheets. Unhide all Rows and Columns. Disable Page Breaks. Workbook Codes. Create a Backup of a Current Workbook. Close all Workbooks at Once. Use this macro code to close all open workbooks. Copy Active Worksheet into a New Workbook. Active Workbook in an Email. Use this macro code to quickly send your active workbook in an e-mail. Add Workbook to a Mail Attachment.

Welcome Message. Closing Message. Count Open Unsaved Workbooks. Pivot Table Codes. These codes will help you to manage and make some changes in pivot tables in a flash. Hide Pivot Table Subtotals. If you want to hide all the subtotals, just run this code. Refresh All Pivot Tables. Create a Pivot Table. Auto Update Pivot Table Range.

But with this code you can do it in a single click. Charts Codes. Use these VBA codes to manage charts in Excel and save your lot of time. Change Chart Type. This code will help you to convert chart type without using chart options from the tab. Paste Chart as an Image.


This code will help you to convert your chart into an image. Add Chart Title. First of all, you need to select your chart and the run this code. You will get an input box to enter chart title.

Advanced Codes. Some of the codes which you can use to preform advanced task in your spreadsheets. Create a Table of Content.

What is a Macro Code?

Let's say you have more than worksheets in your workbook and it's hard to navigate now. Don't worry this macro code will rescue everything. Convert Range into an Image.

Paste selected range as an image. Insert a Linked Picture. Use Text to Speech. Excel will speak all the text what you have in that range, cell by cell. Sub Speak Selection. Speak End Sub. Activate Data Entry Form. Sub DataForm ActiveSheet. ShowDataForm End Sub. Use Goal Seek. Goal Seek can be super helpful for you to solve complex problems. Program FilesGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.

Program Files x86 GoogleChromeApplicationchrome. Formula Codes. Convert all Formulas into Values. Simply convert formulas into values. Remove Spaces from Selected Cells. One of the most useful macros from this list. Remove Characters from a String. Simply remove characters from the starting of a text string. It has two arguments "rng" for the text string and "cnt" for the count of characters to remove. Add Insert Degree Symbol in Excel.

Reverse Text. Activate R1C1 Reference Style. Activate A1 Reference Style. This macro code will help you to activate A1 reference style without using Excel options. Insert Time Range. With this code, you can insert a time range in sequence from Convert Date into Day.

Simply select the range of cells and run this macro. Convert Date into Year. This code will convert dates into years. Remove Time from Date. If you have time with the date and you want to remove it then you can use this code. Remove Date from Date and Time. It will return only time from a date and time value. Convert to Upper Case. Select the cells and run this code. It will check each and every cell of selected range and then convert it into upper case text.

Convert to Lower Case. This code will help you to convert selected text into lower case text. Just select a range of cells where you have text and run this code. If a cell has a number or any value other than text that value will remain same.

Convert to Proper Case. Convert to Sentence Case. Remove a Character from Selection. To remove a particular character from a selected cell you can use this code.

Word Count from Entire Worksheet. It can help you to count all the words from a worksheet. Remove the Apostrophe from a Number.

Remove Decimals from Numbers. Multiply all the Values by a Number. Just use this code. This method uses some simple VBA to hide all sheets if macros are disabled.

Vba macro download free excel ebook

The custom menu is deleted when the Workbook is Deactivated and re-created when it's Activated. Unfortunately it will only include text , this Workbook contains a possible work-around using Validation. No VBA needed! Again no VBA needed! Cells can be contiguous or non-contiguous! Often a progress bar is used, but this slows things down even more. If so this will prove you wrong, it's a very simple use of the CheckBox control from the Forms Toolbar combined with Conditional Formatting.

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