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June May April March February January December The lower band corresponds to the STIM1 which is deglycosylated and the upper to the glycosylated form. Incubation of the collected material with 7 M urea and 2 M thio-urea resulted in an dissociation of the high purity PM.

Immunoblot analysis of protein components of subcellular fractions pre- pared from Jurkat cells. Representative blots showing the relative amounts of STIM1 is present in different protein complexes characteristic protein markers in isolated subcellular fractions are shown.

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ER mark- ers: PM markers: Mitochondrial markers: Depletion of the ER tary Fig. This might indicate that SOCE activation, the rearrangement of STIM1-containing protein the plasma membrane and mitochondria form stabile structures complexes were analyzed. This technique allows talk between these two structures e. The typical pat- tern of the total cellular proteins obtained by sequential use of 3. The results obtained indicate that the established Zhang et al. This protein interacts with Orai1 protein located in the PM, eling of protein complexes.

Particularly, stimulation of cells by thapsigargin the PAM fraction, an intracellular localization of these proteins was resulted in the increase of proportion of STIM1 localized in the investigated.

We estimated the relative amount of STIM1 and Orai1 complexes of relatively higher molecular mass than in control cells in selected cellular fractions. As shown in Fig. Subcellular localization of STIM1 protein. A Subcellular fractions were prepared as is described in Material and methods. A typical result of immunoblots are shown. For ORAi1 presented values are means from two independent experiments. A typical results of immunoblot are shown.

Presented values are means from two independent experiments. Results presented in Fig. Furthermore, we also found that the tion of the SOCE pathway have been published so far. To acquire Z-series of images described in control and stimulated cells, suggesting that forma- of the mitochondrial marker grp75 present in the mitochondrial tion of direct contacts between selected regions of different cellular matrix and the OMM surface Szabadkai et al.

As shown on Fig. PM in both control and Tg treated cells, without any gross change In the present study we analyzed interactions between the ER in their structure. In other words signals Fig. We observed changes in the mitochondrial contact sites Rizzuto et al. Two different experimental approaches were chondrial, ER and PM markers, coalescing into dynamic protein applied for separation of selected subcellular fractions, including complexes comprising all three organelles.

PM and PAM. B and C — a typical results of an immunoblot from two separate experiments shown. The second one and inner mitochondrial membranes are involved in the PAM for- based on a biotinylation of the intact cell surface proteins and iso- mation.

The detection of the only selected mitochondrial and ER lation of biotinylated PM subfractions from cellular homogenate. It was suggested that, mitochondria located in the vicinity As we shown in Fig. It was pro- al. ANT chondria to the plasma membrane Quintana et al. This observation is in agreement with in the ER fraction suggests that the composition of PAM fraction is the data presented by Quintana and co-workers, who pointed out unique and not accidental.

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They found that the plasma membrane centration in the cytosol reached plateau Quintana et al. Thus, it probably was to short period for mito- protein composition of the PAM fraction is the same as or different chondrial translocation to be observed. In control cells and during then the subfraction of the ER in the proximity to the plasma mem- early phase of SOCE mitochondria form a partially continuous net- brane Pichler et al. In contrary to these data our results work in the narrow space between the nucleus and the PM.

Analysis of the subcellular fractions isolated from Jurkat cells Peirce et al. A 3D structure of mitochondria in resting state and upon capacitative calcium entry in Jurkat cells. Mitochondria are shown in red, STIM1 in green.

It is proteins. Lebiedzinska et use of PAM fraction isolated from Jurkat cells correspond well to the al. Detection of STIM1 in the higher molecular mass complexes concomitantly with its decreased par- Acknowledgments ticipation in the low molecular mass complexes indicates serious changes in proteins interrelationships upon stimulation of cells by This work was supported in part by Ministry of Science and thapsigargin.

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This work was also partly supported Fig. Supplementary data tacts is newly formed and the rest comes from already preexisting ones.

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Recently it has been reported that close apposi- the online version, at doi: Eur J Biochem ; Mutants affecting Association between the endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria of yeast facil- the structure of the cortical endoplasmic reticulum in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Eur J Cell Biol ; J Biochem ; A two-dimensional gel database of human plasma pro- of calcium release-activated calcium channels requires translocation of mito- teins. Electrophoresis ; J Biol Chem ; Recombinant expression of the voltage-dependent anion channel enhances the Science ; J Cell Biol ; Digital imaging microscopy of living cells. Trends lyzing mouse liver plasma membrane proteome. Sci China series: C Life Sci Cell Biol a;8: Biochem Biophys responses. Science b; Res Commun ; J tory role of mitochondria in capacitative calcium entry.

Biochim Biophys Acta Cell Biol ; Biochemical properties and cellular localization of STIM protein complexes in enzymatically active form. Anal Biochem ; Cell Calcium ; Serrano R. Characterization of a microsomal and Avena sativa roots: Methods Enzymol subfraction associated with mitochondria of the yeast.

Saccharomyces cere- ;