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Download: Famous It's purpose is to demonstrate how ePub3 fixed layout image-centric books can be. Free fully working sample ePub3 fixed layout books with audio, video and Download the AZARDI:Content Fulfilment ePub3 document(MB) and/or you can. IDPF has curated an open source collection of validated samples of EPUB 3 publications that showcase different features, the files are available for download .

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Contribute to IDPF/epub3-samples development by creating an account on GitHub. All of the latest samples are available for download from the sample table. The EPUB 3 Samples Project provides a collection of EPUB 3 publications intended to showcase features of the specification and to provide testing materials for. The EPUB 3 samples are also available for individual download from the Accessible EPUB 3, Strategies for creating EPUB 3 content that can be read This particular sample represents an image gallery with caption fields.

Please note these are development test books and do not contain any entertainment content. This book shows the use of a combination reflowable and fixed layout ePub3 to package historical and archive data using a new presentation method. It also contains his complete World War 2 Flight Log with details of 53 missions in Africa and Europe, and a small collection of unique photographs from the desert war in Africa. For more information on how this was made, visit the blog post. Download the Recollections of War Updated on A demonstration ePub3 book.

Literacy and Engagement with Historical Records.

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Its rich navigation with page markup for the front matter, consecutive page numbers in the body, and headings at level 1, 2 and 3 make it ideal for demonstrating DAISY navigation.

Example of a book with images, text and audio. This book has page, h1, h2 and h3 level navigation. Sophisticated ePub3 Fixed Layout navigation and content interaction.

Free ePub3 Books

Optimized for Famous paintings is a small but beautiful demonstration fixed layout book. It's purpose is to demonstrate how ePub3 fixed layout image-centric books can be designed to deliver new content engagement experiences.

It uses fixed layout to break paper metaphors with digital content reading. It will work on all ePub3 readers but because it uses asymmetrical page layout and spine linear properties will not display as intended on reading systems with a partial or inflexible implementation of the fixed layout specification.

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Multi-language presentation. Fonts for languages. This demonstration ePub 3 test book contains translations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 28 languages from around the world.

Bella is a special dragon with scales made of sparkling jewels. Author, Barbara Nick, captures the mood and magic of childhood stories in this charming first story of Bella the Dragon.

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Illustrator, Elaine Steckler, brings life to words with her exquisite illustrations. A New Day enables you to share the day's activities with your child. The story makes the ordinary daily routine extraordinary by using dynamic and interactive illustrations. The illustrations spark interest in general concepts of daily life.

The dynamic illustrations keep the book fresh and fun for the reader. The moon shows the correct phase.

EPUB 3 Samples

Calendars display the correct date. Clocks display the correct time. The story provides audio examples of several foreign languages.

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Pop-up note references work very well in iBooks. They don't seem to work at all in Readium. Change the attributes of SVG elements and see the resulting change to the image inside the book.

Learn how to get started creating your own SVG graphic. Color with 16 million colors.

Download our sample eBook, made with CircularFLO - CircularFLO

Play by interacting with each page. Learn the United States, their capitals, and the concepts of date, time and color.

This eBook appeals to preschool to 3rd grade children as well as the child in all of us. Download ePub3 Our Price: