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“REMOTE is the book that 21st century business leaders have been waiting for” Meet some of the fantastic people who make working remotely for Basecamp. David Allen, internationally best-selling author of Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD (epub +. Office Not Required. Remote (eBook, ePUB) - Heinemeier Hansson, David; Fried , Jason. Als Download kaufen Sofort per Download lieferbar. Abo Download.

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Download Download Remote: Office Not Required | PDF books PDF books Jason Fried pdf, Read Jason Fried epub Download Remote. Building, managing and working in a remote team is becoming more and more common. However, best practices are still hard to come by. Download ZIP screen sharing; to-do lists on Basecamp; real-time chatting; sharing files on Dropbox The main advantage of remote working is to aim at a better quality of life: in the meanwhile, you and your employer will save money as a.

The 'enter your e-mail address to get X' approach is spreading! They'll get to build up an incredible list with this. I'm happy to see 37signals using this approach as it helps legitimize the technique of building a list using free content without disclosing a subscription up front. Till now I've avoided this technique but I imagine it could convert like crazy and build a good list if done right. What they're doing is actually a violation of their email marketing software provider's Terms of Service specifically, the Anti-Spam Policy - http: That policy clearly states that "This checkbox must not be checked by default, the person completing the form must willingly select the checkbox to indicate they want to hear from you. I'm making the assumption they continue to use CampaignMonitor.

So, it's definitely very motivating and I recommend to skim it instantly if you haven't done it before.

37signals epub download remote

But at the same time it's pretty old now and if you read HN for more than 3 months then the book won't offer any surprise. And though it's not very much about Rails or programming it still transports a specific and opinionated mindset about how life and in particular entrepreneurship has to work. From 37signals' point of view it's the only way how entrepreneurship should be approached while heavily despising other ways, as recently seen in DHH last post about players like Pinterest, Instagram or Quora.

Epub download 37signals remote

So, it's pretty much like Rails—there is only one way and no other—and thus, you should take some messages of the book with a grain of salt and be aware that it's aged and to some extent just a leverage for email Marketing for 37signals also aging products.

It's not the only way. It's one way. There are lots of ways to build a product and run a business. Getting Real is what we've learned. Neither book pretends to be the only way. If you have your own unique approach, and you think your experience can be valuable to those who haven't had your experience, take the time to write it up and share it with the world. I don't know if DHH agrees on that—maybe you should check his latest post.

Good idea, thanks, but I won't write a book. Reading HN for some months gives starters the same full experience but less opinionated—so blogging, reading and posting to HN should transport knowledge very effectively, maybe easier than reading cumbersome PDFs and that's what I'd recommend for getting into startups. People get here the wide variety of different approaches.

Don't get me wrong: I still highly recommend Get Real— again for all people here: And that's all I wanted to say.

37signals download remote epub

This book has always been free right? But it wasn't that big a leap. True, but a lot of people bought the PDF for its benefits over the online version portability, offline, permanency. I already read it but downloaded it to my dropbox anyways for those reasons. Wget brings me permanency: This is wonderful. Not to be a dick, but I would appreciate a mobi version of it.

It works beautifully.

It work kind of okay, but formatting tends to get screwed up when doing this. Conversion with something like Calibre can give better results, but typically nothing's as good as a well-prepared epub or mobi. I just did this for the book, the automatic Kindle conversion handled this particular book pretty poorly. Randomly long spacing between words or spaces removed and alignments destroyed in some spots. Not unreadable but it obviously looks like a conversion.

It's still better than reading a PDF on an e-ink Kindle or phone sized screen, it's just a bit messier. Sometimes the Kindle conversion works superb though, it's just a crapshoot. Same here and I would also love to see the epub version of it, too.

Someone in this thread has made a wget copy easily convertible to ePub , ask him to contact you. Nevermind, the html version is still public: I like this book, very inspirational.

About 'Less features' I've mixed feelings. In lots of markets for example I am building a markdown editor for windows you have lots of free competition, and one of the most important competitive advantages of paid applications is feature-completeness. Just too much people build 'minimal' free applications nowadays. Also 'Build software for yourself' is a good idea, but if you are a programmer, and all your ideas are developer tools be extremely careful because you will have an extreme amount of mostly free competition and a crazily hardly monetizable user base.

But still, there are very good thoughts in this book, and of course I try to not put any unnecessary features or options into my product. A company of mine has been competing very successfully with 37 signals by doing significantly less than they do: You know you've created a following of customers that love you when you upload a PDF file full of content that was published years ago to the Internet and it hits the top of Hacker News. PDF file full of content that was published years ago to the Internet I strongly suggest that everyone write down this sentence-fragment and analyze it carefully, because it describes the borked way many people perceive value for things and you should specifically avoid framing things you write for your business such that they align with this value system.

For example, for a similar offer, I might have gone with microcopy like "Get the New York Times best-seller" [enter your email address] Button: This depends on whether its a NYT best-seller, which I don't know off the top of my head.

If it isn't technically, there are other ways to phrase that: People really like that, even the same folks who will yak your ear off that data cannot be owned: But the point is much, much broader than microcopy on particular pages.

It informs how you'd go about executing on a "content strategy" -- for example, if you just take the date off stuff you put into WordPress and stop calling them "blog posts" and start calling them "comprehensive guides to X written by our experts" customer perceived value will go through the roof.

Seriously, this is testable. I will publish more extensive commentary on the strategic implications of this for software businesses later. Notice how much better that sounds than "I will blog about this. Poiesis on May 23, No offense to you, of course--and I'm sure your advice is backed by good data and provably worth quite a bit of money--but man do I hate it.

I can't tell you how many times I've been looking at a post and tried to find the date, whether to figure out what version of a product someone was likely talking about, or to cross reference against some other post, or to consider the post in light of other events at the time.

I realize why it's done, and I realize that this is another one of those "you are not the typical user" issues, and all that. But it's still frustrating. The point is not writing blog posts at all. He's suggesting that you can continue to use WordPress behind the scenes, as an implementation detail, if that makes you happiest but to stop blogging.


I wanted to thank you for this comment. It blew my mind to some degree. For me there were three specific ideas to take away from this comment which I am guessing you wrote in a few minutes. I loved the quality of the writing. Insightful, entertaining. Use phrases like 'covetous neuroreceptors' and mine start to fire. I usually pay attention to your comments because it is you, patio This time I hadn't read the fact that it was you and yet I found the comment useful and it prompted me to see you wrote it.

Great advice, as always. Listen to this man!

Remote: Office Not Required [ebook] by Jason Fried (epub/mobi) – Ebook4Expert

I wonder why the PDF looks that way? It seems designed not to be printed. And there's also no ebook available, just the PDF, so if you want it on the Kindle you have to convert it yourself.

It's like they try to nudge you towards buying the thing. Which, of course, isn't a bad thing but I wonder if it's intentional. It's a pretty old book though so I doubt this strategy will work but I might be mistaken. What always surprised me: Maybe they want you to print it on really large paper and use it as your office wallpaper? That's a completely different strategy…. Perhaps they don't own the rights to redistribute the Kindle version? Anyhow, I would have preferred a simple text file.

I don't see what PDF gives me except extra work to convert it to something else. Which is probably why, most likely, I'm not even going to read the thing. You won't read their free book that you would have otherwise liked to have read because they don't distribute it in your preferred format but instead in 2 very ubiquitous formats that are easily converted?

This is not a personal attack but it is a criticism and I think it applies to a lot of people, really. There seems to be this really weird trend where people seem to think they're entitled to free stuff when and how they want it.

They don't quite come out and demand it but the subtext is clear as day. Your comment and much of the others exemplify this. You basically just said "I'm not reading it because it doesn't come in my preferred format" which isn't far from "they should release it in the format I desire".

Remote: Office Not Required [ebook] by Jason Fried (epub/mobi)

Then there's that direct download link and the complaints about giving an email to get a PDF. That's entitlement. It seems the beggars believe they can also be choosers. Someone is giving something at no cost but people still feel they should be able to circumvent simply giving an email which they can unsubscribe from later quite easily. Imagine if 37Signals set up a booth on a public street corner and gave away hard copies of their book and then people went around saying "I shouldn't have to walk to the booth and say hi to Jason and DHH, they should just ship it to me".

Its really not that big of a stretch! I happen to notice a lot of this and it really gets to me. You are reading too much into what I've said. The book itself seems interesting because of all the hype about it. But if I say I won't read it because it's not in the format I want it that suggests how important it really is to me, ie.

I'm not saying I'm entitled to their book in my format, just that it would have been convenient. There is only so much time available and even the "free" stuff costs, the more hoops they make you jump through. If Coca Cola is giving away free six-packs at the local supermarket I probably won't drive half an hour to get there.

Remote: Office Not Required. Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson

But I also won't go to the neighborhood small market to get a single bottle because I'll realize I never wanted a Coca Cola to begin with, I was only curious what all the hype about the new flavor is all about. Or maybe they want you to buy the print version?

I have a copy, but have never actually got round to reading it. Smerity on May 23, This release gives 37Signals a number of advantages. This will benefit them far more than any lingering sales revenue might have. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Download Remote: Upcoming SlideShare. Like this presentation? Why not share! An annual anal Embed Size px.

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