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chinese-ebooks. By winnielui. 9 Awesome Websites to Find and Download Chinese E-books There are many free e-books available online, and most of those that are not free are still very inexpensive compared to hard. device without spending a dime. Check out these 7 free sites to start downloading and reading! free-chinese-ebooks. By Em Casalena. There is one set of ebooks that you can download for free that I found. The business related books, “Chinese Business Etiquette”; If you are interested in culture, “Chinese . /.

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Free Learn Chinese Ebook - Despite what you may think, learning Chinese isn't all the best way to memorize characters, which apps and websites to use and. Chinese (mandarin) Wikibook - A free chinese course for beginners A free chinese Free eBook to download in PDF format - Kb - 34 pages. Electronic . PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have 76,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no download limits, enjoy .

Web browsers ie. To enable JavaScript, see your Web browser's Help section. I really would like to challenge myself to read a novel in Chinese but all my online searches have only lead me to 'iffy' torrent websites. Which I would rather not get reliant on. K Rowling have had books translated into simplified Chinese. If anyone could take a pour sinners hand and lead me to the light, please let me know. P's Has anyone read a whole novel whilst at just below intermediate level, do please share your tales.

Amazon is a great source for all e-books, not just Mandarin Chinese literature!

There are many free Chinese e-books available here, which you can further narrow down by genre on the lefthand sidebar. Google Books, much like Amazon, has a wealth of literature in many languages.

However, to download or even find Chinese e-books on Google Books can be a little tricky. My Wild Princess. Project Gutenberg is a massive public domain library—meaning everything on the website is percent legally free to the public.

Are you ready to build your totally free library of e-books in Mandarin Chinese? Outside of your planned lessons or class time, some leisure time with a book can be a great way to improve your language skills.

They write about a lot of stuff, from music to films to language.

Ebooks for all

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FluentU brings Chinese to life with real-world videos. Learning Chinese becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks.

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The Best Learn Chinese Resources - Free Chinese EBook Download

Interested in sharing your language learning resource with our audience? Contact Us to request information about sponsored posts and product reviews. By Em Casalena. The Library of Congress. There are a lot of good Chinese novels getting translated these days.

Hang out at paper republic, or pathlight - http: Thanks for sharing your experience. I will most likely struggle to. But from what i read you had the physical book, so may i might have a slightly better first run with it being in lingq. If it weren't for lingq I would probably not even try.

I will have a look at the http: I'm currently reading the Sherlock Holmes series in Chinese, because I happen to have them all on the bookshelf at home. I've found alternate translations online that differ from the printed versions I have.

I like the printed translation better, but it's good to have both.

紅樓夢 by Xueqin Cao

Plus, there are audiobooks that follow the translations I've found online, which is immensely helpful if you want to listen to what you have read, or read what you have listened to. Your a star, I need to remember which SH stories i have read and start with them so i can get the jist of the story.

Thanks a million: There is a trick here. It's very useful when I was trying to look for English novel You can type "site: Please take place sth.

Download ebook sites chinese free

For instance, "site: You will find tons of resources online. Simply download it: You must have JavaScript enabled to use this site.

Chinese download sites ebook free

Looking for simplified Chinese eBooks. Ideally PDFs so i can use them in link. Socrates United Kingdom. HI, Ahoy hoy, I really would like to challenge myself to read a novel in Chinese but all my online searches have only lead me to 'iffy' torrent websites.


It is often easiest to find ebooks online that are a little older, and out of copyright. BTW, I really enjoyed your conversation on youtube about Canada and multiculturalism. As long as these texts are studied by us as individuals, there are no copyright issues.

Hi Iaing, Cheers for the links.