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This book shows you how to make Continuous Delivery an effective reality in your Continuous delivery: reliable software releases through build, test, and. We now have printed copies of the book Continuous Delivery with Windows and. . Skelton and Chris O'Dell is now available as a free download from O'Reilly! and reviewing, our new eBook Continuous Delivery with Windows and. Kubernetes is increasingly being used as a platform for application deployment, defined by the combined forces of DevOps, continuous.

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Want to build your skills in DevOps? Then download this free eBook from Packt: Continuous Delivery and DevOps. Available in PDF, ePub and Mobi for DevOps . Free Guide: Introduction to Continuous Delivery. Download the CD eBook In this Continuous Delivery eBook, we'll take you back to the basics. Win @jezhumble's continuous delivery book! Download the ebook for free today and get started down the path to smoother releases and a.

We now have printed copies of the book Continuous Delivery with Windows and. NET available to order from our online store. Our book Continuous Delivery with Windows and. The book explains concepts like version control branching, Continuous Integration, software packaging, and automated deployment in highly accessible and readable ways, and was selected by the UCL course tutors because it helps to prepare students for real-world business problems. The UCL SSE group is regularly ranked in the top three groups in the world Microsoft Academic Search , you will be taught by those who are setting the international agenda, and our research has been repeatedly rated as world-class.

What Does It All Mean?! Introducing the New Chef: Announcing SDM 1. Women in Open Source Tech Roundup: March Using Kubeless for Kubernetes Events. Troubleshooting AWS Lambda Jobs and CronJobs. Lightbend Charity Survey: To Infinity and Beyond: Illustrating the Cloud Native Universe. Here's How. Understanding native app development - what you need to know in Introducing Interactive Slack Notifications. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 31 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Sign up. Continuous Delivery for Java Apps: Find File. Download ZIP.

Sign in Sign up. Launching GitHub Desktop A regular speaker at technical conferences, Axel is the founder and project lead of Flyway—Database Migrations Made Easy. He currently works on Boxfuse, radically simplifying the deployment of applications by turning them into ultracompact, perfectly isolated, secure virtual machines within seconds and deploying them on any hypervisor with a single command. In software, the vast majority of these moving parts originate in configuration.

Andi Gutmans provides vision and direction for Zend, the leading provider of solutions for the rapid and Continuous Delivery of mobile and web applications.

Andi holds a B. Her interests include parallel and distributed computation, programming languages, domain specific languages, evolutionary architecture, genetic algorithms, and computational science.


Read the White Paper Kate Matsudaira is an experienced technology leader. She worked in companies like Microsoft and Amazon and three successful startups Decide, acquired by eBay; Moz; and Delve Networks, acquired by Limelight before starting her own company, Popforms. Her early career was as a software engineer, where she worked on distributed systems, cloud computing, and mobile. The best thing you can do to ensure a successful transition is get everyone on board early.

Continuous Delivery With Spinnaker

Patrick Kua is a speaker, writer, and consultant and stills gets to write code for customers where continuous delivery is the norm. He is the author of The Retrospective Handbook: A Guide for Agile Teams and bridges the worlds between the technical and nontechnical realms. Patrick is passionate about working closely with teams, helping them grow and learn with sustainable and long-term change. He is fascinated by elements of learning and continuous improvement, always helping others to develop enthusiasm for these same elements.

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Matthew Skelton is an independent software systems consultant who helps organizations to evaluate, adopt, and sustain good software delivery and operations practices, such as continuous delivery, DevOps, and ITIL, with a focus on software operability.

Matthew is director and co-founder of Skelton Thatcher, a software operations consultancy. Get the Workbook This workbook draws upon experiences of other organizations and industry analysis. Use it to calculate expected ROI of Continuous Delivery for your organization and present your business case with confidence. Working primarily with Java-based solutions, he has several years of developer and architect experience, ranging from small start ups to enterprises and everything in between.

Jamie Ingilby is a software development manager based in the United Kingdom. He has worked in many large and small technology organizations, supporting Web services.

He is passionate about software development and is a huge advocate of continuous delivery as a means of producing quality software at pace with confidence. He enjoys good coffee and tea, particularly Earl Grey. Continuous Delivery Resources from Zend Blog I Webinars I Newsletter I Chat with a Zender Twitter I Website I Blog Small steps toward continuous delivery in fully automated testing and deployment, even with manual steps built into the process, helped to increase the frequency of and our confidence in our releases.

Before joining the Platform Architecture team, Mark had been a senior member of the A-Team since and has worked in the IT industry since He is a true agile evangelist, with 15 years of experience contributing to and helping others to become better at producing excellent software together with demanding customers.


Velocity or Stability? Adopt Continuous Delivery and stop making trade-offs. Learn what every DevOps team needs to know to increase velocity and produce more stable code. Jeff Sussna is founder and principal of Ingineering. IT, a boutique consulting firm that facilitates adaptive IT through teaching, coaching, and strategic design. Jeff has more than 20 years of IT experience and has led high-performance teams across the DevOps—quality assurance spectrum. His interests focus on the intersection of development, operations, design, and business.

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IT Eike Thienemann-Dehde has worked on continuous delivery since , when he was a product owner for tools and automation, support, and documentation efforts. He has worked in various roles, from software development to program management, over the past 16 years and is passionate about solving next-generation customer problems in an international and challenging environment. Continuous Delivery Resources from Zend Blog I Webinars I Newsletter I Chat with a Zender Twitter I Website When you have mastered the principles of continuous integration and release automation, and adopt your own practices, you quickly recognize that there will be always something to improve further.

Andrew Yochum strategically leads technology in digital agencies, finance, and start ups. With a background in highly scalable Web development and a passion for data, Andrew sees his work as an art and a science.

His current focus is on emerging technologies in cloud computing and big data.

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He guides the adoption of agile methodologies as a Scrum Master and Coach. Committing code kicked off a build, deployment, and automated tests. Matthias is CTO at gutefrage.

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