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I always head to Amazon first for free ebooks. I don't know what country you are in, so I will go with Amazon Best Sellers: Best Sales & Selling - under Sales. The growth of any business is tied to the growth of its sales. No matter how many widgets you make, how cleverly you tell people about them or. Are you a busy sales manager and are always looking for valuable tips that can help you get better. Download our FREE eBook on 6 Sales Management Tips.

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Grant Cardone's Free eBooks. Tired of Missing Sales eBook · Download this eBook · Cold Prospecting eBook. Download this eBook · 10 Biggest Follow Up. Download our eBook: Learn to Love Your Sales Process - find out the benefits of a great sales process. Free eBook with Immediate Download - Fresh tips for sales and marketing Free ebook - Sales and Prospecting Guide - tips, tactics, and techniques.

A few hundred downloads in the first few months makes it easy for them to wear a mask, but that habit can be devastating. You see, authors of successful eBooks have extensive readership. So the question, how do you promote your eBook? A decade ago it was a job left to publishers, who did the promotion and distribution. The good news is that with the advent of social networks marketing an eBook is far easier and cost-effective than it used to be. In fact, you might be surprised to know that one of the best platforms to promote your eBook is your own Facebook page.

Tools like Pagemodo not only make it easy to showcase your eBook, but make it easier for your target audience to become loyal readers. You can integrate links to your landing page and watch your reader base and book sales grow. Facebook Ads are a great way to promote your eBook to a specific audience, such as those who would be interested in the content of your book.


You can create News Feed, sidebar, or mobile ads aimed at your exact demographic. You decide on the budget, and then your ad is exposed to a number of people based on the selected number of leads. While creating Facebook ads, you can be even more specific with targeting by using Custom and Lookalike audiences.

Ebook download sales

Also, it is important to optimize the visuals, content and CTA of your ad to get more conversions. These can be used to optimize advertising campaigns and save money on ads that never covert into sales. A customizable dashboard allows you to focus on your key data and remove underperforming ads.

Facebook ads can get you social traction for your book in a short amount of time. Many authors neglect this aspect of Facebook marketing, but videos can be a great way to drive attention to your book. Facebook has also introduced short video ads that play for 15 seconds and include an auto-play feature.

As an eBook author, you can create a short video ad that features you talking about the book and how those who consume its content will benefit from it. While it takes time to reach such heights as an author, video ads can generate more interest towards your book. For example, you can offer the second book at a 50 percent discount if customers purchase the first book within a specific time frame. One of the best tactics to promote your offers is to make it easy to claim an offer.

This is where you can use dark posts and call-to-actions to make the offer exclusive to your fans, or you can use general Facebook ads to promote the offer to a larger audience. Promoting an eBook via Facebook not only generates sales, it also leaves you with a large pool of audience who will be interested in subsequent books you publish, giving you opportunities to write sequels, and take your publishing endeavors to new heights.

Have you used Facebook for promoting a digital product?

Ebook download sales

Can you suggest additional ways to promote an eBook on social media? I have an Artist and Author site on facebook. I am not selling my eBook on my site just telling my friends about it.

Sales ebook download

How can facebook help me me get my EBook out to the market place. My readers will purchase the EBook from amazon, Barnes Noble…. I hope to have it available in a few weeks. Promoting an eBook on Facebook is a cost-effective way of reaching a very targeted audience.

Just make sure you are targeting people with your end-goal in mind — i. If you sell services or downloadable products then you can obviously target people anywhere. I have read a couple of articles say that it is cheaper to target people in more under-developed countries.

Otherwise, your sign-ups will not convert and you will be wasting your budget. Point 1 is a bit misleading with the image as it shows a click to like scheme.

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These are now prohibited by facebook I thought? This is a really great and informative article. Your email address will not be published.

This may happen by email or phone, and could include an additional offer if you need to further nurture the relationship. Converting a prospect into a customer may take time depending on how complex your solution is or how many decision makers are involved, but the scalable and repeatable parts of the process are the same.

Establish the value of your company and confirm the prospect's specific needs. Call on others within your company to help close the sale.

These can be product experts, industry experts or even others in the sales organization. Selling really is a team sport.

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A closed sale should always include a timeline to set expectations of what happens next. When you focus on growing your business, you know that the relationship does not end with the sale.

New members of your team need to be brought into the fold to serve these customers. Without best-in-class customer service that keeps customers engaged and happy, you will have a high churn rate.

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All of your customers have the potential to tell others about their experiences with your company. The happy ones become your brand advocates. The more happy customers you have, the more potential brand advocates you have.

And in social media, where peer recommendations carry a lot of weight, and are easy to get, you need to make sure your company is portrayed in the best light. Introducing Quip for Salesforce: Try Salesforce. Get your FREE day trial. Please complete all fields. Sales Cloud: Aug 09, By Jeffrey L. Download a Free Sales Ebook: Want more awesome content?

Sales ebook download